Recap from the 5th Grade Band Parent Meeting

5th band parents: If you were at the meeting on September 8, then this is review of everything you learned at the event.  If you were NOT at the meeting, this is all essential information for you.  Please read carefully and contact me if you have any questions.

First of all, welcome to the beginning of your child's participation in the Fairbanks band program.  The success of our bands is largely due to the fine students that make up our performing groups.  Band members get an experience that cannot be found in any other school activity, and can participate each and every year until high school graduation.  Scientific studies have proven that students who participate in instrumental music for more than two years do better in school and score higher on standardized test than their classmates who do not.  Band members who continue on with their music career can play in college bands and even earn scholarships to play at the university level!

Mr. Keller
I have been the director of the Fairbanks band program for nineteen years and I promise that I will give your child the best quality music education possible.  Our multi-year program gives me the unique opportunity to be a part of students' lives for up to 8 years and guide them through many musical and academic times.  So long as a student wants to participate in band and is willing to work towards improvement, any and all are welcome in the Fairbanks band program.

Student Responsibilities:
-Be prepared for class with instrument, book, and a pencil.
-Come to class on your designated day
-Practice regularly
-Take care of your instrument
-Have fun making music!

Parent Responsibilities:
-Provide a quality instrument in good working order.
-Maintain the instrument with repairs and supplies
-Buy your student a method book (Essential Elements 2000 or Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum)
-Get your student a music stand
-Provide a place for your child to practice
-Be patient as your child learns to play.  Be a good audience, too!

Rental Information
You are welcome to rent an instrument from any reputable music dealer.  Colonial Music/Music Arts has been serving central Ohio and Fairbanks schools for nearly 15 years and provides quality instruments with many flexible financial options, including ZERO interest rental plans.  If you need to rent an instrument, visit to arrange a rental online.  If you do rent online, be sure to have the instrument delivered to Fairbanks High School at no charge.  There is a charge for shipping to your home.  You may also take the enclosed rental form into Colonial's Worthington or Hilliard stores and take your instrument home with you.  If you feel more comfortable over the phone, you can contact our sales representative Bob Lust directly at 740-503-3206 or at

If you are procuring a used instrument on your own, please shop with care.  Beware of off-brands or deals that seem too good to be true...they usually are.  Please contact me with brand name and model information before you buy.  Your student deserves to have an instrument that works well and will stand up to daily usage.

Every student needs a method book.  Wind players need a copy of Essential Elements 2000.  Percussionists need Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum.  Wind books are $9 and percussion is $17.  If you wish, send a check payable to "Music Arts" for this amount to your child's first lesson and I will have one for them.  You can also purchase this book from any reputable music dealer or even

Reed players need to have two playable reeds at all times.  Beginners go through reeds fairly quickly, so I subsidize the cost and only charge band members $1 each.  Students may pay cash or by check payable to "Fairbanks Band".  Please do not buy more than 5 reeds at a time.  Reed players also need a container of cork grease.  All brass players need to have a bottle of valve oil.  This can be purchased at any reputable music dealer for about $4.  All sax players must have a comfortable neck strap.  Percussionist need a good pair of sticks.  Please make sure that you have these supplies before classes begin on September 19.

Students will have class for 40 minutes each week from 11:35-12:15 in room 205.  Percussionists will have class in the high school band room.  Here is the tentative schedule:
Mondays: Flutes
Tuesdays: Clarinets
Wednesdays: Saxophones
Thursdays: Trumpets, Trombones, French Horn
Fridays: Percussion
Adaptations will be made due to short weeks and students will be notified in advance.  You can always check on schedule changes at Mr. Keller's blog.

Students need to bring their book, instrument, and pencil to their first class the week of September 19.

Fairbanks Band ONLINE!
The best way to keep up to date with the Fairbanks Band program is by visiting  This page links to all the informational tools available including Mr. Keller's Blog and our Twitter page.  Bookmark us and visit often.  If you sign up for Twitter and mobile updates, you can receive a text when important information is posted.

If you have any questions about the band program or the 5th band process, please feel free to contact me at .


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