Booster Update from Mary Ellen

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will NOT be having a booster meeting this evening. We just met a couple weeks ago and not much has changed.

Need some feedback on a few things...

Is there anyone available to help out on November the Marysville High School to help sell tickets for a comedy show. We will be out-of-town that day due to our oldest two have senior night at Malone and we are attending. I need to know if we have enough to cover before I sign us up. Please let me know by tomorrow, which is Thursday.

We still have shoe money that is outstanding. We need to get that paid! These were to be paid over a month ago. Please do so by FRIDAY!

Also, October 25 is the day the cookie dough is due in. Please save boxes and Kroger/Walmart bags so we can use them to box it all up. Thanks for your help!

Hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday!


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