5-8 Band: OSU Field Trip - UPDATE

I have had 19 parents RSVP to chaperone and we are able to accommodate everyone!  Chaperones need to ride the bus and help supervise students on the bus ride and during lunch and the concert.  More details for chaperones will be available the week of November 28.  Thank you so much for your help!

Students are to wear nice school clothes on this trip.  You do not have to dress up per se, but should avoid torn/tattered clothing if possible.  Please look presentable.

I do not have permission slips from some students.  If I do not have your $5 and permission slip by Friday, November 18, I will assume that you do not have parental permission to attend the trip and will be in classes on that day.

5th Grade
Maddy B.
Ciera M.
Cayla T.
Cameron M.
Molly W.

6th Grade
Breanna D.
Phillip G.
Daniel H.
Austin R.

Allen C.
Anthony I.
Jacob G.
Samantha M.


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