First Pep Band Is Friday 12/2!

The Fairbanks Basketball Pep Band makes its premiere performance this Friday, December 2. Here are the details for members:

*Rehearsal begins promptly at 5:30. Please be in time.

*You must enter through the front door of the high school and sign in on the attendance sheet. No one will be admitted through the entrance by the band room.

*Wear your pep band tshirt, which should be delivered on Thursday.

*Please plan on staying for the entire game. Varsity contests are usually over around 9-9:15pm. Please arrange your ride so you are not left waiting.

*Always be ready to play on short notice. Stay near your instrument.

*Get involved in the game! The pep band is a force to be reckoned with and are the driving force behind school spirit. Let's cheer our panthers on to a victory!

*If you cannot attend a game, it needs to be for a good reason and you must notify me in advance. If you signed up for pep band, you signed up to attend all the games unless excused in advance. Do your part and be a strong contributor!


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