FMB: Veteran's Day Assembly Nov. 10

The FMB will be participating in the middle school Veteran's Day assembly on Thursday, November 10.

Band members will be excused from class at 8:30 and need to get their instrument and head to the middle school gym to warm up.  The assembly will start at 8:45 and our performance obligation will be completed by 9am.  No particular dress code is to be followed.  We will perform the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful from our pre-game show.  When our performance is completed at 9am, HS members are to put their instruments away and return to class.  8th grade members are to put their instrument away and return to the gym for the remainder of the assembly.  Please do not play your instrument in the hallway while in transit.

This brief appearance is greatly appreciated by Mrs. Bartow, the middle school staff, and the over 30 veterans who will be present for Thursday's ceremony.  I'm looking forward to being a part of it :-)


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