OSU Field Trip Update

The band field trip is FRIDAY!!!!  Here are a few last minute details for students and parents:

*Students will load buses behind the middle school at 8:15am.  All regular bus rules apply.  Students must ride their assigned bus both ways.

Bus 1 - 6th Band (31 students and parents)
Bus 2 - 5th Band, Last name A-P (40 students and parents)
Bus 3 - JHCB, Last name A-R (34 students and parents)
Bus 4 - JHCB, Last name S-Z.  5th Band, Last name R-Z (36 students and parents)

*Chaperones are to meet in Mr. Keller's room at 8am for a chaperone meeting.  Parents are to ride the bus their child is riding.

*Students are to wear nice school clothes.  This is not a dress up event, so t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes are just fine...just make sure they are good-looking thsirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.

*Students need to bring a sack lunch or money for fast food.  The lunch options are Wendy's, McDonald's, and Taco Bell.  Students may not bring food on the bus after our stop.

*All band mebers are to be on their best behavior at all times.  Please remember your conduct reflects not only on you, but also on your school and your community.  Have a good time, but please be courteous, polite, and well-behaved.  I have no doubt you will excel at this...Fairbanks students are the best!


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