Update From The Boosters...

Notes from Mary Ellen:

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I apologize for getting this out late. It has been really hectic trying to get my schedules down. A few points to let everyone know about.

1) This week begins Pep band. We will not be feeding the kids full meals like in years past. What we would like to do is have parents sign up to bring a snack for our band kids. If you are willing to do so please let me know. The games we are looking at are:

Friday, Dec. 2
Tues, Dec 6
Tues, Jan 3
Fri, Jan 6
Fri, Jan 20
Frid, Feb 3
Fri, Feb 10
Sat. Feb. 18

We are also looking for parents to help out in 3 areas. You can sign up for 1 game or more...I just need to know for I need to let Mr. Conley know who needs to get in. We only need 3 parents per game.

We will be selling raffle tickets for the Ping Pong table....more details on this below.

We are selling the Panther blocks which we have been selling.

I know I am forgetting something at this point and my brain just isn't functioning. If any booster is reading this and knows please send out to all. Other than the snacks.

2) We will have a raffle for a ping pong table that will be raffled off at our Holiday Concert...right before Christmas. I will put a flyer together and details will be going home with elementary children and it will be on the announcement in the high school and middle school.

3) We also need some parents who are willing to wash the uniforms...please be aware if you have hard water than please do not volunteer as this will ruin them. We need to get them washed and hung back in the closet. Please let me know if you are willing!

Thank you again and I will get the raffle out tonight. Please let me know who can help and when.


Mary Ellen


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