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FMB: Show Ideas (Feedback Requested)

So I've been mulling ideas for our upcoming 2012 FMB show.  Here are some thoughts and concerns that I have and maybe even a little justification about a few things...

*Our budget is such that we must rely on stock charts, which are pieces already published.  The music cost for our show usually ranges from $150-$250.  To have a show custom arranged for us begins at around $2000 and tops out around $6000.  This does not even include the percussion parts, which must also be arranged at an additional cost.  We just can't afford a custom show, nor would I want to pay that much even if we did have the money lying around.

*The biggest request for a show from band members has been a Batman or "super hero" show.  After exhaustive research, the only music available for purchase on these themes are not contest-level material.  They are either too simplistic (and would garner us no general effect points), or just two short and lacking in musical variety.  Want to know what I me…

Spring Concert Listening

FHSCB: OMEA Recaps & A Surprise

I received the recap sheet for our OMEA District XV adjudicated event and noticed two important things:

1.  There were a lot of class C bands at our site.  A LOT more than in probably any other year I've competed.  The slate of bands were pretty good band programs too!  You were also the smallest band in competition.  You all should be VERY PROUD of your "excellent" performance and your rating!
2.  Secondly: I commented to the band members on Friday night that I though we earned a higher rating sight reading, but when we got our judge's sheet, the rating was not what I expected and didn't really match the comments that were on the sheet, which were mostly positive.  I was a bit troubled and even went so far as to say "I think the judge may have just circled the wrong rating."  WELL...guess what?  I was right  YOU DID IT!  Congratulations on your rating in sight reading!!!  It did not affect our overall rating, but does make your rating all the more imp…

FHSCB: We Are SO Doing This Piece

Don't argue with me.  I already ordered it. :-)

Foundry by John Mackey
Audio and Score
Blog Entry

FHSCB Contest - March 16 - DETAILS


3:00 Snack/Change clothes 3:30 Load bus/trailer 4:00 Depart 4:45 Arrive Thomas Worthington HS 5:20 Warm up 6:00 Perform on stage 6:30 Sight reading 6:45 Receive rating in cafeteria 7:15 Depart for home 8:00 Arrive at FHS
*Change into your concert attire after school before we depart.  Regular concert black is the code.

*A snack will be provided by the music boosters immediately after school. If you wish, you will be able to eat again after our performance at approximately 6:45pm at the concession stand.  Bring spending money if you choose.

*Please remember all of your materials including instrument, reeds, mouthpiece, neckstrap, etc.

*If you're riding home with a family member, I need a signed parent note by 4pm before we leave.

*The event is free and open to the public for moms, dads, family, and friends of the FSHCB. No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted in the auditorium, and the penalty is our disqualification, so please keep them off and away during ou…

OSU Music Visit Day - April 12

OSU Music Visit Day for High School Juniors:

Hello music colleagues,

I’d like to take an opportunity to invite your HS juniors to Music Visit Day at The Ohio State University School of Music. Students who are considering a major in Music are encouraged to visit on this day for information about admissions, audition tips, best practices for college application, and observation of ensembles. Students will also meet the studio professor and have an opportunity to see that professor teach.

Parents and teachers are welcome to attend. Registration must be received by Friday March 30. Registration forms can be found at:

I look forward to hosting your students on April 12.

Catherine Hope-Cunningham
Admissions, The Ohio State University School of Music

Pics from Mid-Year Concert


Cleveland Trip: Payment Due March 30

This is just a reminder to all band and choir students who are going on the April 28 trip to Cleveland that your final payment is due no later than March 30 before we leave for Spring break.  If you do have an outstanding balance, please deposit a check or money order payable to Fairbanks Music Boosters into the booster mailbox.  Be sure your check is labeled "Cleveland Trip" so as not to be confused with incoming band camp deposits.

All the details of the trip can be found HERE.

Choir: A Welcome to Mrs. Cooper

I am a band director.  I always have been and I probably always will be.  Choir directing simply is not my specialty, although I've been the director of the FHS choir for the last 19 years.  When Ms. Janchar was hired several years ago, we discussed the possibility of her taking over the role of high school choir director but we decided to wait as all of the struggles of first and second year teaching at FES settled down.

Since that time, the now Mrs. Cooper has been directing the middle school choir with much success, and I felt it was a good time to re-address the topic of her expanding her role in the Fairbanks choir program.  I feel her qualifications as a singer and choral teacher far surpass what I currently have to offer the vocal students in our district.

After consulting with administration and making sure the schedule could be worked out, we agreed that Mrs. Cooper will be the director of the high school choir beginning in the fall of 2012.  I will be taking over the ar…

FHSCB - Contest March 16

I just received our performance time for District 15 contest on Friday, March 16, and wanted to share the tentative itinerary with you. We will be performing at Thomas Worthington High School this year! More details will be available next week.
3:00 Load buses/trailer 4:00 Depart 4:45 Arrive Thomas Worthington HS 5:20 Warm up 6:00 Perform on stage 6:20 Sight reading 6:45 Receive rating in cafeteria 7:00 Depart for home 7:45 Arrive at FHS

PSA: Drama Club Book Drive

Support your Creative Panthers

Please support the Arts by bringing in used books, any shape and size.
Your donations will be recycled and used for our set for the Spring drama “The Giver”.
Please bring donations to the ES or HS Art room or place them in the box marked “drama books” on the HS stage. Collection will continue until 3/12.
Panther Idol this weekend or the HS Music Concert March 12th would be great opportunities to drop them off!
Thank You for your continued support of the Fairbanks High School drama club.
-Mrs. Cooper
-Mrs. Hoover
-Mrs. Noland