Choir: A Welcome to Mrs. Cooper

I am a band director.  I always have been and I probably always will be.  Choir directing simply is not my specialty, although I've been the director of the FHS choir for the last 19 years.  When Ms. Janchar was hired several years ago, we discussed the possibility of her taking over the role of high school choir director but we decided to wait as all of the struggles of first and second year teaching at FES settled down.

Since that time, the now Mrs. Cooper has been directing the middle school choir with much success, and I felt it was a good time to re-address the topic of her expanding her role in the Fairbanks choir program.  I feel her qualifications as a singer and choral teacher far surpass what I currently have to offer the vocal students in our district.

After consulting with administration and making sure the schedule could be worked out, we agreed that Mrs. Cooper will be the director of the high school choir beginning in the fall of 2012.  I will be taking over the area of sixth grade general music, which I am quite looking forward to.  I am most excited that the high school choral program will have an extremely qualified and enthusiastic instructor for years to come.  She is a fine singer and outstanding musician.  Welcome to the high school faculty, Mrs. Cooper!


Mr. Jerew said…
Great move for the Fairbanks Music Program! Best wishes in the future to you all. -Mr. Jerew

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