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Have A Great Summer!

Have a great summer!
I will be in limited communication until July 1.  If you need to contact me, email me and I will do my best to get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.Your summer homework: Play. Have fun. Pick up your horn/drum and play.If you need to make a band camp payment, send it to Mrs. GarwoodFMB starts July 16 with rookie camp and percussion camp.  Full FMB starts July 17.

FMB: Contest Show Music

Listen here. Download...if you dare:
(.mp3 download)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Score: (.pdf download)
Full Score

Parts: (.pdf download)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Picture Mega-Update!

Pics from FHSCB@Vets, FHS Graduation, and FMB Memorial Day parades have been added on the picture page.  Check it out!  If you have pictures to share, email your favorites to me and I'll add them.

Booster Aluminum Can Pick-Up

Can collection… If you have aluminum cans that you would like to donate, get rid of, the Fairbanks Music Boosters would love to take them off your hands. Please call Karla Long @ 614-530-3359 and she will arrange to have them picked up from your house. Thank you for your continued support, and have a safe and joyous summer!

FHSCB@Vets 5/25: Preview the Program

Andromeda (2010)
David Shaffer Ave Maria (1825/2004)
Franz Schubert, arr. Frank Ticheli Down A Country Lane (1962)
Aaron Copand, arr. Merlin Patterson La fille aux cheveux de lin (1910)
(The Girl With The Flaxen Hair)
 Claude Debussy, arr. Ramsay Payton Iannarino, French Horn. Oliver Pontius (FHS ’11), Piano Summer Resounding! (2008)
Brian Balmages ~ 10 minute Intermission ~ Foundry (2011)
John Mackey Brahms Ballade Op.118 No.3 (1854)
Johannes Brahms ,  Neil Yoder, Piano Salvation is Created (1947)
Pavel Tschesnokoff, Arr. Bruce Houseknecht Rampage! (2009)
Todd Stalter Peace Jubilee (1955)
Flute - Emily Andrews, *Jessica Bardin, Natalie Oesch, Katie Rein, *Paige Scheiderer, *Ana Taboa, Ben Voit  Clarinet - Hannah Dellinger, Monica Fannin, Ayla Spindler, Caitlin Nichols  Bass Clarinet - *Justin Anderson.  Alto Saxophone - Micah Davis, Ben Day, Charley Garwood, Allison Nance, McKenzieWilson  Tenor Saxophone - Mary Grand. Baritone Saxophone - Abby Vollrath.  Trumpet - *Seth Bond, Blake …

Know Your Notes: Free Printable Flash Cards

There's no reason not to have your note names memorized when you have resources like these.  Print.  Cut. Use.  Know your stuff.

Treble Clef Flash Cards
Bass Clef Flash Cards

Want to go paperless?

Online flashcards

Balance and Blend...


HS Band: Report Times

This is a reminder for all HS band members about the upcoming performances and report times:

Friday, May 25 - 6:15pm at Vets. Black concert attire

Saturday, May 26 - 9:30am at Kyre Field. Nice clothes. Guys wear a tie.

Monday, May 28 - 9:15am - Unionville Center (Darby Twp. Bldg.) Summer uniform.

Details on all these performances can be found here.

Band Camp Staff - PAS Certification


First, I would like to welcome you to the FMB tradition of excellence!  It's going to be a great band and a great camp staff this year.  That being said, I need you to do two things:

1.  Send me via email, text, or Facebook, your mailing address and phone number so the board of education can send you a contract when you are approved.

2.  Secondly -

You must have a valid State of Ohio Pupil Activity Supervisor (PAS) Certificate to be a paid instructor in the Fairbanks Local Schools.  If you did this within the past three years, your PAS certificate is still current and you need do nothing more than sign the contract you get in the mail and return it.

If you do not have a current PAS Certificate you must:

*Get an FBI/BCI background check done by local law enforcement and have it submitted to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).  You must pay for this at your local sheriff or city police department. This may cost as little as $40 and as much as $60.  Call …

Fingering Charts FYI

With the distribution of new marching band music, I've had a lot of requests for fingering charts.  I have some available in the band room, but here's some quick links to some of my favorite online fingering charts for woodwinds and brasses:

Trumpet/Baritone T.C./Mellophone
Baritone B.C. (3 valve)

Update From Mary Ellen...

Greetings band folks.

Just wanted to give you a heads up with the last week of school upon us! In regards to putting things in the band mailbox...please do not put anything in there after this Friday. The box will be closed. Please send checks etc to:

Mary Ellen Garwood
15520 Hagenderfer Road
Plain City, OH 43064

If you have any questions please give me a call or email me at 614-306-4307.

Again, things are winding down...if you have not paid anything on your camp fees please get it in the mailbox by Friday. If you would like to fill out a band scholarship, please fill it out and place it in an envelope and put it in the mailbox by Friday. After Friday, we will not be accepting anymore scholarships as to we need to make a decision at our next meeting.

Remember...Tuesday and Wednesday of fair week we will be at the gates. IF you would like to sign up for a time...It pays $5.00 an hour and your child will get credit towards their band fees. Please give me a call to discuss what tim…

Signs Your Band Director Might Be Batman

Do you read Tone Deaf Comics?  You should. :-)

FHSCB@Vets Poster 2012 (SHARE!)

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Spring Concert 2012 - Audio/Video

My apologies for the blurriness of the FHSCB and HS Choir.  A camera malfunction occurred.  The audio is unaffected, however.

Links to Fairbanksband on Vimeo:
5th Grade Band
6th Grade Band
Junior High Concert Band
High School Concert Band
High School Choir

FHSCB & Choir - Final Exam Info

FHSCB - Senior Exam - Tuesday, May 22. Underclass Exam - Wednesday, May 30

Wind players will prepare and perform solo one major scale, chosen from concert C, F, Bflat, Eflat, Aflat, or chromatic.Percussionists will prepare and perform solo one rudiment, chosen from double stroke open roll, 5 stroke roll, 9 stroke roll, flam-paradiddle, flamacue, or lesson 25.All players  will prepare and perform solo a 16-32 measure excerpt of their choosing from the concert repertoire. Performance will be graded on fundamentals of playing as well as rhythmic/note/interpretation accuracy.
Choir - Senior Exam - Tuesday, May 22. Underclass Exam - Thursday, May 24

All singers will prepare and sing solo measures 16-30 of "Hallelujah" by Cohen.  Singers will be graded on fundamentals of singing, including posture, breath support, and tone quality, as well as musical accuracy.

FHSCB@Vets 2012 - Info For Performers

FHSCB@Vets Friday, May 25, 2012 Call is 6:15pm
*This event will be presented at Veteran's Auditorium, 236 W. 6th St., Marysville, Ohio. *Band members need to be in their seats by 6:15 for warm up and tuning. *Dress is regular concert black. *Put your cases backstage and bring only your instrument and music onto the stage. *The best advertising for this event is by WORD OF MOUTH.  Tell everyone you know! *Tickets are available at the door.  Students and adults are $5.  Children under 10 are free. *The concert will last approximately one hour and will include a 10 minute intermission.

The program list and order is:
Andromeda - David Shaffer Ave Maria - Schubert, arr. Ticheli Down a Country Lane - Copland, transc. Patterson Summer Resounding - Brian Balmages intermission Foundry - John Mackey Salvation is Created - Tschesnokoff, arr. Houseknecht Rampage! - Todd Stalter Peace Jubilee - Karl L. King

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5/6 Band - What's After The Concert?

Here's the schedule until the end of the school year for 5th and 6th grade band:

5th Grade
Monday, May 14 - 12:25 -Full band in HS gym.
Monday, May 14 - 7pm - Concert in HS gym.
Tuesday, May 15 - Saxophones - (with instrument/book) - Room 205
Wednesday, May 16 - Trumpets - (with instrument/book) - Room 205
Thursday, May 17 - Trombones - (with instrument/book) - Room 205
Friday, May 18 - Percussion - (with instrument/book) - HS Band Room
Monday, May 21 - Flutes/Clarinets - (with instrument/book) - Room 205
Tuesday, May 22 -PERFECT PRACTICE PIZZA PARTY 12:25-1:05 (Band room)
No classes May 23-30 due to HS/JH exam schedule

6th Grade Band

Monday, May 14 - 10:52 -Full band in HS gym. Monday, May 14 - 7pm - Concert in HS gym. Tuesday, May 15 - Brasses (with instrument/music) Wednesday, May 16 - Woodwinds (with instrument/music) Thursday, May 17 - Percussion (with sticks/book) Friday, May 18 - NO BAND (Zoo field trip) Monday, May 21 - PERFECT PRACTICE PIZZA PARTY 10:52-11:20 No classes May 22-30 d…

Proof The Program!

Band and choir members....please make sure you're on the program and that your name is spelled correctly.  Also make sure I have section leaders accurately notated JHCB and FHSCB.  If there are errors, please contact me before 3pm on Friday, May 11.

Flute - Maddy Bailey, Kasey Carstensen, Taylor Hall, Catherine Howard, Ciera Madison, Jordyn Orodi, Rachel Scott. Clarinet - Mackenzie James, Ben Macklin, Nick Macklin, Corey McCardle, Michi McCardle, Kendra Rothfuss, Rachel Wargo, Joelle Ziegler.  Alto Sax - Jacob Bendure, Jaret Fairchild, Marissa Fornadel, Garrett James, Mitch Krouse, Nick Murray, Jacob Nicol, Jeremy Oesch, Charlie Scheiderer, Cayla Talbott.  Trumpet - Elizabeth Arent, Travis Dellinger, William Findley, Tommy Kugel, Isaac McMillan, Leanne Rhodes, Thomas Rogers. French Horn - Mary Alic Iannarino.  Trombone - Mat Bouic, Wyatt Damron, Samantha Priest, Jordon Yates. Percussion - Austin Becker, Audrey Claar, Josh Powell, Mason Smith, Macy Wanamaker, M…

Stanton's Mobile Site Is Live!

Stanton's sheet music now has their mobile website up and running. You can view their entire catalog online as well as have access to their listening library from your mobile device. Check it out!


The following 2012 band members have not paid their $50 band camp deposit. This was due on April 11. Please submit your check or money order in the booster mailbox immediately. Please take care of this NOW.

Emily A.
Hannah D.
Taylor J.
Blake L.
Samantha M
Colin M.
Allison N.
Caitlan N.
Katie and Samantha R.
Ayla S.
Robert S.
Alexa S.
Nick U.
Ben, Nick or Zach V.

Spring Concert 2012 - Performer Info

Fairbanks Music Department’s Annual Spring Concert 2012 Monday, May 14, 7:00 PM – HS Gym Order of performance: (times are approximate) 5th Grade Band (7:00) 6th Grade Band (7:15) Junior High Concert Band (7:25)  High School Choir (7:45)  Middle School Choir (7:50) High School Concert Band (8:15) Total Concert Time: appx. 1:45 5th Grade Band Get here at 6:30.  You need to be in the high school cafeteria ready to warm together at 6:40.  Please leave your cases in the band room.  After we perform, we will stay in the gym.  Take your instrument with you, or put it on the stage.  Do NOT go back to the band room until after the concert is over.  You need to sit with your family for the remainder of the concert. 6th Grade Band: You are to have your instrument and folder and be seated with your family when the concert begins at 7pm.  After the 5th grade band performs, you will take your spots in your seats.  We will warm up with #86 and #147 in your book, then present our program.  After your performance, …

May 2012 Performance Reminders

It's a busy month for the Fairbanks Music Department!  Here's links to details on all of the upcoming events:

Spring Concert - Monday, May 14
FHSCB@Vets - Friday, May 25
FHSCB at FHS Graduation - Saturday, May 26
FMB Memorial Day Parades - Monday, May 28

FHSCB Plays FHS Graduation - May 26

We will say "congratulations" and "farewell" to the class of 2012 on Saturday, May 26, at the 49th annual FHS commencement exercises.  The FHSCB is an integral part of the ceremony and attendance is required for all members. Here's the details:
8:30 - Set up.  Anyone intereted in helping out would be greatly appreciated.  NHS or NJHS service credit is an option. 9:30 - Warm up at Kyre Field.  In the event of rain, the event will be held in the FHS gym.  Be on time. 10:00 - Pomp and Circumstance 10:05 - The FHSCB is featured, playing Summer Resounding!.  Seniors will come to the band area to perform. 10:30 - Recessional is Peace Jubilee.  Band members are dismissed immediately after. 10:35 - Tear down.  Anyone able to help put everything away will be greatly appreciated.
Attire for the day is slightly different than our regular concert black:
Gentlemen: Look nice.  No jeans or tennis shoes.  Please wear a tie. Ladies: Look nice.  No jeans or tennis shoes.  Skirt…

FHSCB@Vets - May 25, 2012, 7pm

I just booked Veteran's Auditorium in Marysville for our annual FHSCB@Vets concert. The date is set for Friday, May 25 at 7pm. I'm excited that our end-of-May schedule is not as hectic this year, with four performances in 10 days, instead of the four performances in 6 days like we have had to do the last several years. Please mark your calendars, ask off from work, wake the family, friends, and neighbors and spread the word about this wonderful annual event that showcases our outstanding Fairbanks musicians!

Just a reminder that all music department events are on theOfficial Calendar of Events!