Fall Fundraiser: Penguins and Prizes!!!


- Bring back your REACH OUT cards on Friday, 9/21 -

  • You get a lanyard!
  • Your first penguin! 
  • "$" penguins are worth $5!

- Early Bird, Tuesday 9/25 - 
  • Every three items sold: One additional penguin. 
  • $10 for each "$" penguin. 
  • 6 items gets you the magic green light too!
- Want all 20 ducks? 25 items by Oct. 1, you get a bag with all 20 penguins!!

-  20 items at the end of the sale: PENGUIN HAT!!!

Guaranteed cash prizes:

30 items: You get $50

50 items: You get $100

Bakers's Dozen:

Sell at least 12 items and get one free cookie dough of your choice for yourself!

Pizza Parties:
Section of each band who has the highest average of items sold per person earns a day off band and a pizza/movie party.  Details are on the MEGA PIZZA BATTLE page.

Order forms and money are due on Monday, October 1! Make checks payable to "Fairbanks Band" or "Fairbanks Choir"


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