FMB Seniors & Parents: Details

From Mrs. Reed:

Here is a time line and order for tomorrow’s senior night.

Band (14 seniors)
Football (7 seniors)
Cheerleader (1 senior)
Golfers (2 seniors)
Cross Country (3 seniors)

6:10 – Parents (and cross country runners and golfers) will meet at the gate entrance to the track
6:15 – We will head over to the visitors’ 50 yard line and get lined up.
6:25  - Ben/Dave/Susan – please send your seniors over to the visitors’ 50 yard line. 
6:30 – The ceremony will begin (we will need to start right on time as we have 27 seniors to read about)
6:45 – We did a trial run and we should be done pretty close to 6:45

Lisa S. and I will be lining up the seniors and parents.  Cameron Sadler will be reading.


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