Chaperones for Nov. 30 Trip to OSU

Here are the parents who RSVP'd first for the Nov. 30 trip to OSU and are going on the trip.  If you cannot make it, please let me know ASAP.  You will need to be in the band room at 8am and are expected to ride the bus and help supervise the students.

  1. Deb Hostetler
  2. Laura Rhodes
  3. Carol Nichols
  4. John Boerger
  5. Doug Wanamaker
  6. Lisa Voit
  7. Allison Arend
  8. Julie Herbst
  9. Stephanie Massie
  10. Candi Scheiderer
  11. Trudy Sorg
  12. Pamela Garlinghouse
  13. Patricia Lotz
  14. Melinda Rogers
  15. Jamie Egerton
  16. Eric Chippas
  17. Melanie Dellinger

Alternates: (if any of the above cannot go)

  1. Jennifer Key
  2. Jeff Wargo
  3. Byron Jones


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