FHSCB Exam December 20

FHSCB Mid-Term Exam 2012

*The FHSCB mid-term exam will be held on Thursday, December 20 during the first exam period 8:05-9:36am.

*All wind players are to prepare major scales, in at least one octave (two if possible), in the concert keys of C, F, B-flat, E-flat, and A-flat, as well as the B-flat chromatic scale.  Scales are to be played in eighth notes ascending and descending.  Players are also to prepare the tonic arpeggio for major scales. (Play as written) One scale will be chosen at random.

*All percussion players are to prepare six intermediate rudiments.  These rudiments are to be sticked properly and performed in the traditional slow to fast to slow fashion.  One rudiment will be chosen at random

*Each player is also to prepare a selection from the concert literature (on the opposite side of this sheet).

*Exams are to be scored on a 100 point scale. 50 points are based on fundamentals of playing and another 50 points are based on accuracy of the performance.

*Wind players will be scored on posture, hand position, breath support, and embouchure.  The remaining 50 points will be based on accuracy of notes in the scale and prepared selection, with a percentage deducted for each audible error.

*Percussionists will be scored out of 50 points on posture, grip, rebound, stroke, and even hands.  The remaining 50 points will reflect the accuracy of the rudimental performance and prepared selection, with a percentage deducted for each audible error.

*The total exam grade will be a sum of all points earned.


Wind Scales - Concert C major, F major, B-flat major, E-flat major, A-flat major.  B-flat Chromatic scale.

Percussion rudiments - Double stroke open roll, 13 stroke roll, double paradiddle, flamacue, drag paradiddle #2, triple ratamacue.

Prepared Exam Selections:

Flute, Clarinet, Oboe - Sounds of Christmas, m. 195-229.

Alto Sax, French Horn - Sounds of Christmas m. 187-211

Trumpet - Sounds of Christmas m.65-111

Baritone TC, Tenor Sax - Sounds of Christmas m. 115-147

Trombone, Tuba - It Came Upon The Midnight Clear m. 49 - end.

Percussion - Sounds of Christmas m. 183-229


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