JH Band Playing Test - Dec. 18

JHCB Playing Test 2012

*The test will be held on Tuesday, December 18 during the first exam period from 8:05-9:36 A.M.

*All wind players are to prepare scales in the concert keys of B-flat, E-flat, and A-flat, as well as the B-flat chromatic scale.  These are lines #159, #163, #171, and #185 in your scale packet. One scale will be chosen at random.

*All percussion players are also to prepare #159, #163, #171, and #185.  One rudiment will be chosen at random

*Each player is also to prepare a selection from the concert literature (on the opposite side of this sheet).

*Tests are to be scored on a 10 point scale. 5 points are based on fundamentals of playing and another 5 points are based on accuracy of the performance.

*Wind players will be scored on posture, hand position, breath support, and embouchure.  The remaining 5 points will be based on accuracy of notes in the scales and prepared selection, with a percentage deducted for each audible error.

*Percussionists will be scored out of 5 points on posture, grip, rebound, stroke, and even hands.  The remaining 5 points will reflect the accuracy of the rudimental and prepared performance, with a percentage deducted for each audible error.

*The total test grade will be a sum of all points earned.


Wind Scales - Concert B-flat major (#159), E-flat major (#163), A-flat major (#171).  B-flat Chromatic scale (#185)

Percussion rudiments - #159, #163, #171, and #185.

Prepared Exam Selections:

Flute, Clarinet - Carol of the Bells, m. 61-85.

Alto Sax - Carol of the Bells m. 29-45

Tenor Sax - Carol of the Bells m.21-45

Trumpet - Sleigh Ride m. 45-63

French Horn - Sleigh Ride m. 29-45

Trombone, Baritone - Ritual Images m. 35-55

Tuba, Bari Sax - Sleigh Ride m. 79-103

Percussion - Ritual Images m. 100-end.


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