FMB: Thoughts on DCI... (comments welcome)

The Dublin DCI show is on Tuesday, July 30, which is Tuesday night of band camp this year.  What I would like to propose is eating dinner that day, then loading up on a bus and heading to Coffman HS and watch the show which features several top 12 corps including Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Stars, Blue Knights, and Troopers.  We'd watch the show and return back at camp at around 11pm.  The catch is that tickets for the event, even with the group discount, would still be $25 each.  I really don't want to raise the band camp fee unless it's absolutely necessary.

So my question to you is: If I pay $10 of your ticket and for the bus out of my band account, would you be willing to pay the remaining $15 to see the DCI show either as an addition to your band camp fee or as a separate payment?  Comments are welcome from both members and parents.

Please comment below....

And if you don't know what DCI's THIS:


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