Solo & Ensemble Final Info

Here are the tentative times for OMEA solo and ensemble contest on Saturday, February 16.

6:15am - Load Bus
6:30am - Bus leaves FHS
7:20am - Arrive WNHS

Performance Times/Rooms:
8:00 - Hannah D. (Room 123)
8:10 - Natalie O. (Room 121)
8:20 - Nadia P. (piano) (Room 312)
8:30 - Alex H. (Room 116)
8:50 - Neil Y. (Room: Auditorium)
9:00 - Tori R. (Room 251)
9:10 - Monica F. (Room 127)
9:12 - Gabby Alband (Room 132)
9:20 - Kaitlin C. (Room 137)
9:28 - Nadia P. (vocal) (Room 137)
9:50 - Emily A. (Room 117)

10:30 - Depart for home
11:15 - Arrive FHS

General Reminders:

*Dress nicely.  Concert attire is not required but you should look your best. No jeans or tennis shoes. Gentlemen should wear a tie.

*Scales will be required of piano and wind players. Pianists must memorize their scales.  Winds must play a chromatic scale plus a major scale chosen by the judge. Clarinets (only) must play two octaves.

*Get to your warm up room at least 30 minutes before your performance.

*Get to your performance room at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

*Be polite and friendly to your judge.

*Ratings will be posted in the cafeteria (concession stand open) and this will be our general meeting place until departure time.

*Do your best!

Warm-Up Rooms:
Vocal- Rm. 151, 163
Brass- Rm. 258, 258A
Woodwind- Rm. 150, 152
Piano- Dressing Room by the Auditorium
Contest Office- Main Office of School

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Directions to Westerville North HS:
 Map of School:


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