Timpanists: Vic Firth Lesson Series

After using these Vic Firth videos with my 6th grade percussionists, I thought I would share them as ALL percussionists can benefit from these simple, yet sometimes overlooked, techniques.

Part 1 - Characteristics and Maintenance
Part 2 - Setup
Part 3 - Grip and Basic Stroke
Part 4 - Sticking Considerations
Part 5 - Rolls
Part 6 - Muffling
Part 7 - Tuning
Part 8 - Advanced Tuning
Part 9 - Articulation and Roll Speed
Part 10 - Mallet Selection

Also, I talked about this video in class. It is an insight into the considerations a professional timpanist must go through to perform great works of the repertoire.  The presenter is Nigel Thomas, principal timpanist of the London Symphony Orchestra.

LSO Timpani Master Class


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