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Music&Arts "Share Your Passion" Contest

One lucky student will win $2000 towards a personal instrument, a year of free lessons, and $10,000 worth of instruments for your school! Go to the  Music & Arts Facebook page and enter!

Music & Arts is celebrating 60 years of bringing music to people’s lives. We’re inviting you to share an original photo that captures the essence of music and why it’s so meaningful. Whether you sing in the school choir, take trumpet lessons, secretly compose music, or just listen to music for hours on end, we want to hear from you!

FHSCB & JHCB: Spring Concert Listening


Music&Arts Celebrates MIOSM!

In honor of Music In Our Schools Month, you can save on boxes of reeds in the store or save 10% off your online order for the entire month of March at Music & Arts Centers. Both are pretty good deals!

BUMP: FHSCB: OMEA Contest March 8


2:00 Change clothes, Load bus/trailer 2:30 Depart 3:30 Arrive Groveport Madison HS 4:15 Warm up 5:00 Perform on stage 5:30 Sight reading 6:00 Receive rating in cafeteria 6:15 Depart for home 7:15 Arrive at FHS
*Change into your concert attire during school before we depart.  Regular concert black is the code.

* If you wish, you will be able to eat  after our performance at approximately 6:00pm at the concession stand.  Bring spending money if you choose.

*Please remember all of your materials including instrument, reeds, mouthpiece, neckstrap, etc.

*If you're riding home with a family member, I need a signed parent note by 4pm before we leave.

*The event is free and open to the public for moms, dads, family, and friends of the FSHCB. No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted in the auditorium, and the penalty is our disqualification, so please keep them off and away during our performance, and the performance of other bands.

Directions to Groveport Madison …

MusicArts Grand Opening April 20

Music and Arts is moving a few doors down in Hilliard and they are having a grand opening on April 20 with special discounts!  Check the flyer and drop by to see the new place and enjoy special giveaways, a sweepstakes, and great prices. (click the image to enlarge and/or print your coupon)

Concordia Wind Ensemble Performs Tonight!

From Mrs. Stillings:

Just wanted to make you aware the Concordia University of Chicago Wind Symphony will be performing at St. John’s Lutheran Church tonight at 7:00 . It is a free concert and I thought maybe some of your students would enjoy their performance.

Video from 2013 Mid Year Concert

5/6 Band - Pizza Parties Thursday!

5th and 6th grade band members who have kept up their outstanding practice habits will be invited to the second "Perfect Practice" Pizza Parties on Thursday, March 7!  Permission slips will be distributed in class.  Students must achieve the minimum amount of stickers to receive their invites:

5th Grade Band - 9 Stickers
6th Grade Band - 14 Stickers

I will check practice records the week of March 4 and distribute invitations.  The permission slips must be returned no later than the time of the party.  No permission slip means no responsible! They must also be signed BY A PARENT and not a proxy such as an older brother or sister.

The parties will be held on Thursday, March 7, during regular band time.  Pizza and pop will be provided. 

6th band will not have class on Thursday or Friday of that week due to Biz Town, so Monday, March 11 will be a "C" day.  Fifth grade brasses (who are doing quite well and ahead of where they should be) will miss clas…

Preview the Program for Tuesday!

Here's the program for tomorrow night's concert.  Please let me know ASAP if there are any typos or if your name was left off the list of performers. Click the images to enlarge.

Happy Music In Our Schools Month! (MIOSM)

Music In Our Schools Month – March 2013 – is a perfect time to get involved and do your part to ensure that America’s students have access to a comprehensive, sequential music education taught by exemplary music educators!

We will be celebrating daily with blog posts and tweets about the importance of music education to our students, our country, and our culture.  Be sure to subscribe @fairbanksband and check back daily on to help us not only celebrate the excellence of the Fairbanks music program, but to promote music education for everyone!

MIOSM is brought to you by the National Association for Music Education and the hundreds of thousands of music teachers in the USA.