5/6 Band - Pizza Parties Thursday!

5th and 6th grade band members who have kept up their outstanding practice habits will be invited to the second "Perfect Practice" Pizza Parties on Thursday, March 7!  Permission slips will be distributed in class.  Students must achieve the minimum amount of stickers to receive their invites:

5th Grade Band - 9 Stickers
6th Grade Band - 14 Stickers

I will check practice records the week of March 4 and distribute invitations.  The permission slips must be returned no later than the time of the party.  No permission slip means no party...be responsible! They must also be signed BY A PARENT and not a proxy such as an older brother or sister.

The parties will be held on Thursday, March 7, during regular band time.  Pizza and pop will be provided. 

6th band will not have class on Thursday or Friday of that week due to Biz Town, so Monday, March 11 will be a "C" day.  Fifth grade brasses (who are doing quite well and ahead of where they should be) will miss class due to the party.  5th percussion WILL have class on Friday, March 8.


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