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FHSCB - Graduation is June 1

We will say "congratulations" and "farewell" to the class of 2013 on Saturday, June 1, at the 50th annual FHS commencement exercises.  The FHSCB is an integral part of the ceremony and attendance is required for all members. Here's the details:
8:30 - Set up.  Anyone intereted in helping out would be greatly appreciated.  NHS or NJHS service credit is an option. 9:30 - Warm up at Kyre Field.  In the event of rain, the event will be held in the FHS gym.  Be on time. 10:00 - Pomp and Circumstance 10:05 - The FHSCB is featured, playing The Avengers.  Seniors will come to the band area to perform. 10:30 - Recessional is Imperial.  Band members are dismissed immediately after. 10:35 - Tear down.  Anyone able to help put everything away will be greatly appreciated.
Attire for the day is slightly different than our regular concert black:
Gentlemen: Look nice.  No jeans or tennis shoes.  Please wear a tie. Ladies: Look nice.  No jeans or tennis shoes.  Skirts are to co…

FMB: Parade update

The Milford parade which was supposed to start at noon now may start as late as 1pm. If this is the case, the FMB will perform a brief concert in uptown Milford at 12:30 and then band members will be released to their parents or to leave immediately after. I will personally provide the Taps music at the cemetery service. I'm displeased with the lack of notice in this schedule change, but we will adapt according. Band members will be released no later than 12:40pm.

John Philip Sousa Award

Congratulations to senior Charley Garwood for receiving the 2013 FHS John Philip Sousa Award for band!  Charley is a four year band member who was selected by his peers as the outstanding band member, musician, leader, and role model.

The Sousa award has been presented at FHS since 1964.  You can see all the winners HERE.

FHSCB@Vets - Preview the Program!

Click image to enlarge:

Band Camp Accounts

The following students need to see me sometime today about their band camp accounts:

Allison N.
Ben V.

A reminder that all members should have a total of $100 in their accounts by May 31.  Only EIGHT band members have this at the current time.  Please deposit your check or money order payable to Fairbanks Music Boosters in the mailbox before school is out.  The remaining balance is due at band camp check in.

Booster Meeting Wed 5/22

There will be a meeting this Wednesday evening at 7. We need to work on band camp stuff and get our scholarships figured out!

Video from Spring Concert 2013

Bake Sale Monday Night 5/13

From Chrisa Findley, booster fundraising chair...
—Hello Lovely people,
As you are all the very best bakers in the world and we have a concert shortly, could you offer something sweet and tasty for our bake sale fund raiser? We are in need of individually wrapped goodies for Monday evening. You are welcome to drop them off in the band room or you could bring them along to the concert. If you would like to donate, let me know via email or text 614 813 4669. Thank you so very much for helping out; the band kids and boosters appreciate your support.
Chrisa Findley

Spring Concert 5/13 - Performer Details

Fairbanks Music Department’s Annual Spring Concert 2013 Monday, May 13, 7:00 PM – HS Gym
Order of performance: (times are approximate) 5th Grade Band (7:00) 6th Grade Band (7:15) Middle School Choir (7:30)  JH Concert Band (7:45)  High School Choir (8:00) High School Concert Band (8:15) Total Concert Time: appx. 1:30
Details for choir members are on Mrs. Cooper's page HERE.

5th Grade Band Get here at 6:30.  You need to be in the high school cafeteria ready to warm together at 6:40.  Please leave your cases in the band room.  After we perform, we will stay in the gym.  Take your instrument with you, or put it on the stage.  Do NOT go back to the band room until after the concert is over.  You need to sit with your family for the remainder of the concert.
6th Grade Band: You are to have your instrument and folder and be seated with your family when the concert begins at 7pm.  After the 5th grade band performs, you will take your spots in your seats.  We will warm up with #86 and #147 in y…

FHSCB/Choir Softball Players UPDATED

NOTE: The game has been moved to 50 to allow softball players in band/choir to safely return to FHS in time to perform. Thanks to Coach Sines and AD Steve Conley for working with the OHSAA in changing the game time to benefit those shared students.

The varsity softball team's tournament game was just announced as being on Monday, May 13 at 5:00pm at Marion Pleasant.  With the choir performing at approximately 8pm and the FHSCB performing at about 8:15, these athlete/musicians need to arrange parent transportation to leave immediately from the game and then travel directly from the game to the concert in time to perform.  If you are directly affected, please begin making arrangements now to be sure you're here and dressed for your performance. Mrs. Cooper and I both realize you will miss the first part of the concert and may even miss warm up, but your arrival to perform is imperative.

Also, I have asked coach Sines that if you are not expecting playing time in the later innin…

FHSCB@ Vets - May 24 7pm

The date for the annual FHSCB@Vets concert is set for Friday, May 24 at 7pm. I'm excited that our end-of-May schedule is not as hectic this year, with four performances in 10 days, instead of the four performances in 6 days like we have had to do the last several years. Please mark your calendars, ask off from work, wake the family, friends, and neighbors and spread the word about this wonderful annual event that showcases our outstanding Fairbanks musicians!

Just a reminder that all music department events are on theOfficial Calendar of Events!

Details for performers and parents:

FHSCB@Vets Friday, May 24, 2013 Call is 6:15pm
*This event will be presented at Veteran's Auditorium, 236 W. 6th St., Marysville, Ohio. *Band members need to be in their seats by 6:15 for warm up and tuning. *Dress is regular concert black. *Put your cases backstage and bring only your instrument and music onto the stage. *The best advertising for this event is by WORD OF MOUTH.  Tell everyone you know! *Ticket…

5/6 Band - End of the Year Schedule

Fifth Grade Band:
Monday, May 13 - Full rehearsal and 7pm concert. Tuesday, May 14 - Full band (15 minutes) to watch concert video Wednesday, May 15 - Saxophones Thursday, May 16 - Trumpets Friday, May 17 - Percussion
Monday, May 20 - Flutes Tuesday, May 21 - Clarinets Wednesday, May 22 - NO CLASSES Thursday, May 23 - Perfect Practice Pizza Party
Beginning Friday, May 24 - Band is done for the year.

Sixth Grade Band:

Monday, May 13 - Full rehearsal and 7pm concert.
Tuesday, May 14 - Brasses
Wednesday, May 15 - Woodwinds
Thursday, May 16 - Percussion
Friday, May 17 - Field Trip to Zoo (no band)

Monday, May 20 - Brasses
Tuesday, May 21 - Woodwinds
Wednesday, May 22 - Percussion
Thursday, May 23 - Perfect Practice Pizza Party

Beginning Friday, May 24 - Band is done for the year.