FHSCB/Choir Softball Players UPDATED

NOTE: The game has been moved to 50 to allow softball players in band/choir to safely return to FHS in time to perform. Thanks to Coach Sines and AD Steve Conley for working with the OHSAA in changing the game time to benefit those shared students.

The varsity softball team's tournament game was just announced as being on Monday, May 13 at 5:00pm at Marion Pleasant.  With the choir performing at approximately 8pm and the FHSCB performing at about 8:15, these athlete/musicians need to arrange parent transportation to leave immediately from the game and then travel directly from the game to the concert in time to perform.  If you are directly affected, please begin making arrangements now to be sure you're here and dressed for your performance. Mrs. Cooper and I both realize you will miss the first part of the concert and may even miss warm up, but your arrival to perform is imperative.

Also, I have asked coach Sines that if you are not expecting playing time in the later innings if she would excuse you before the game has ended...please check with her on this as I am not currently aware of what your status is in situations like that.  If you're not playing and won't be playing, it would make your evening much less hectic if you could leave a little earlier.

The drive from Pleasant to Fairbanks by car is approximately 35 minutes according to Google Maps.  If traffic is light, it should be less.


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