FMB: King's Island FINAL Info


Itinerary - September 7, 2013
8:00am - Load bus/trailer
8:30am - Depart for KI
10:30am - Arrive KI
10:45am - Warm up
11:30am - Parade (Victors)
11:40am - Concert performance at the fountain stage (Pre-game and Contest shows)
12noon - Lunch (provided by boosters)
12:30pm - Have fun!
9:45pm - Meet at front gate for fireworks
10:00pm - load bus
12:15am - Return to FHS

*Performance dress is Summer uniform.  Bring clothes to change into after the show if you wish.

*Dinner is on your own. Bring spending money or pack a meal. Also bring optional spending money if you wish to play games or purchase souvenirs.

*Each band member and chaperone will receive a free admission for the day.  Be sure to get your hands stamped if leaving the park for food at the bus, otherwise you will not be re-admitted.

*Please follow all the rules and guidelines on all rides.  All members ride at their own risk.

*If there are any updates to the student's emergency medical form, please contact me with this information ASAP.

All band members and parents must sign a consent, release, and authorization form to participate in this event.  It, in short, releases Honda and Kings Island from liability if the student is injured or their personal property is damaged, but also authorizes KI staff to treat anyone if necessary.  The form is being distributed today to high school members and tomorrow morning to 8th graders.  You can download and print the form here: Consent, Release, and Authorization.

After our performance, students are free to enjoy the entire park, including the water park.  Students are NOT to travel anywhere in the park ALONE.  All band members will be grouped in a safety group before dispersing after lunch.  Each group needs to have at least one member with a cell phone to keep in contact with the band staff. Check-in times and places may be set to insure everyone is doing okay.


fhsbando said…
Two spots remaining.
fhsbando said…
All spots are taken!

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