FMB: Monsoon Aftermath...

Thank you, FMB members, for making the most out of an extremely damp situation.  You make me proud to be your director.  I know there were tense times being cooped up in the bus, but you made up for it in the rainy second half.  You sounded great at our brief halftime show as well!

You all need to do the following things ASAP:

1.  Leave your case open and instrument out to dry.  Brasses should wipe off water spots.

2.  Leave your hat out to dry.

3.  Wash your gloves. Wash your socks.

4.  Wash your pants in cold water by themselves and then line dry.

5.  Wash your raincoat. Tumble dry.

6.  Bring your instrument back on Monday.  YOU WILL NEED IT.

7.  Please bring your uniform parts back by Wednesday.

8.  ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND :)  We rehearse Monday 3:15-5:15.

If you have ANY questions about these procedures, please contact me.


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