The Seven Purposes

I know that often students and parents wonder why I choose the activities that I do and make the decisions as I do.  They are not arbitrary.  They align with the seven purposes of the Fairbanks Band Program that I set forth in 1993.  They guide everything I do and have helped nearly a generation of students become better students, musicians, and citizens.  Want to know what these seven purposes are?  They are in the band handbook and always have been.  They are also here.  After 20 years of trying my best to stay true to them, I think they have stood up quite well.

The Seven Purposes of the Fairbanks Band Program:
The Fairbanks Band program has several important purposes and goals:

1. To provide a quality education in the musical arts;

2. To improve students self-confidence, self-discipline, and work ethic;

3. To provide leadership opportunities and to foster an atmosphere  conducive to music and learning;

4. To prepare students to become better persons, musicians, and citizens through responsibility, teamwork, and a quest for personal excellence;

5. To encourage artistic expression and to provide a forum for students to perform music to parents, students, teachers, and members of the community;

6. To provide a pleasant and helpful social experience for all involved in the Fairbanks band program and;

7. To instill in students an awareness of music’s important role in the enrichment of the human spirit.


Mr. Stauffer said…
I particularly like #6.

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