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FHSCB: Listening for Holiday Concert


Cookie Dough Pick Up Tuesday 10/29

I wanted to update you on the cookie dough order:

 Great American still does not know how our order got on its way to Texas, but it is now safely back in Ohio.  They have apologized and will be compensating us financially for the missed delivery, so if there is a silver lining, it is that we will make more money than expected on this sale.

The new pick up date is Tuesday, Oct. 29.  Students with small orders that are taking them home on the bus may pick up in the band room at 2:45pm.

Students with larger orders that necessitate parental pick up may get their items from 3:15-7pm that evening.  If you are picking up immediately after school, you will not be allowed to park out back until after the buses are gone at 3:15.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  I am investigating other options for next fall that involve non-perishable items.



NO Cookie Dough Delivery Today :(

Please help me spread the word to all band families:

I received a call from Great American Opportunities this morning informing me that our cookie dough will not be delivered today as scheduled, confirmed, and planned.

As of right now, here's what I know:

1.  The shipment left the warehouse on Tuesday.

2.  It may have been sent to Texas.

3.  It may or may not still actually be in Texas.

4.  No one, as of right now, is exactly sure where our cookie dough is.

As I receive further information from GAO, I will pass it on to you.  As of now, there is a 0% chance of delivery today.  I apologize to all of my band families who have made special arrangements to pick up their orders today.  I have expressed my great displeasure about this situation to Great American and they are apologetic and also honestly dumbfounded as to why our product is not arriving on time.  They have agreed to compensate us for the trouble, which means more profit for our fine Fairbanks musicians, which is at leas…

Cookie Dough Delivery Oct. 24 2-7pm

Fairbanks Music Department COOKIE DOUGH PICK UP Thursday, October 24, 2-7pm Fairbanks High School Band Room
If you participated in the fall fundraiser, your cookie dough will be available for pick up on Thursday 10/24.
*If your student has a small order (8 tubs or less), they should be able to get it home on the bus on their lap. Band members in grades 5-8 with small orders may come to the band room at 2:45 to get their order ready to take home with them.
*If your order is 9 or more items, I would recommend having a parent pick up after school or as late at 7pm.
*Items must be delivered promptly or refrigerated/frozen until products can be delivered.

*Great American and the Fairbanks Music Department are NOT responsible for spoiled products if you fail to pick up your product during the specified time.  Please make arrangements to get your items between 2-7pm.

FMB @ FES & Circleville 10/17

The Fairbanks Marching Band gives its annual performances at Fairbanks Elementary School and the Circleville Pumpkin Show on Thursday, October 17. Band Members will need to be in full uniform for both events so please bring black socks and Drillmasters.
Immediately after attendance in home room, band members need to report to the band room to prepare for the concert at the elementary which will begin at 9am. We will perform music from pre-game, contest, and senior shows as well as some cheers.
We will depart for Circleville around 10am and will return to FHS at 7pm. Band members will have some free time at the show and will need spending money for lunch and dinner. There are also games and rides, so bring an amount of money for your particular spending habits. We will be performing at the 3:30 afternoon parade.
Tolles students are excused from classes on that day, as are all members. Band members are responsible for any make up work, in advance if possible. Please arrange with your t…

FMB Seniors: Senior Night Info

From Mrs. Reed:
Football, Band, Cross Country, Cheerleader Senior Night, Friday, October 18th6:30 p.m.·         All Parents (along with CC Runners) will gather near the concession stand at 6:15 p.m.·         Ben/Dave/Susan, please send players/band members over at 6:25.·         Melanie will line everyone up.·         Amanda Dellinger is reading.  (told to be here at 6:10)

5th Trumpets on Thursday This Week

I will be out of the building on Wednesday, Oct. 2.  I have a non-music sub for that day and I feel it would be unfair to both the teacher AND to the 13 beginning trumpet players to have class in such a setting, so I am deferring their class until Thursday of this week with the low brass.  Please bring your instrument and book on Thursday, Oct. 3 for band.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but this will insure a quality second band session for these students.