Cookie Dough Delivery Oct. 24 2-7pm

Fairbanks Music Department
Thursday, October 24, 2-7pm
Fairbanks High School Band Room

If you participated in the fall fundraiser, your cookie dough will be available for pick up on Thursday 10/24.

*If your student has a small order (8 tubs or less), they should be able to get it home on the bus on their lap. Band members in grades 5-8 with small orders may come to the band room at 2:45 to get their order ready to take home with them.

*If your order is 9 or more items, I would recommend having a parent pick up after school or as late at 7pm.

*Items must be delivered promptly or refrigerated/frozen until products can be delivered.

*Great American and the Fairbanks Music Department are NOT responsible for spoiled products if you fail to pick up your product during the specified time.  Please make arrangements to get your items between 2-7pm.


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