NO Cookie Dough Delivery Today :(

Please help me spread the word to all band families:

I received a call from Great American Opportunities this morning informing me that our cookie dough will not be delivered today as scheduled, confirmed, and planned.

As of right now, here's what I know:

1.  The shipment left the warehouse on Tuesday.

2.  It may have been sent to Texas.

3.  It may or may not still actually be in Texas.

4.  No one, as of right now, is exactly sure where our cookie dough is.

As I receive further information from GAO, I will pass it on to you.  As of now, there is a 0% chance of delivery today.  I apologize to all of my band families who have made special arrangements to pick up their orders today.  I have expressed my great displeasure about this situation to Great American and they are apologetic and also honestly dumbfounded as to why our product is not arriving on time.  They have agreed to compensate us for the trouble, which means more profit for our fine Fairbanks musicians, which is at least something.

As soon as an actual delivery date is known, I will contact you again.

Please, help me spread the word to parents who may not get this message so no one arrives 2-7pm and are surprised that their orders are not here.  


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