Pep Band Update!

Our only two after-school rehearsals are next week after Thanksgiving break. They will take place from 3-5pm in the band room.  Attendance is required for all pep band members unless excused in advance.  Please have your ride ready to pick you up at 5pm.  What you should be looking at between now and then: 

B. Gladiator
2. Star Spangled Banner
3. William Tell
4. Let's Go Red/Eat 'em Up
5. Hey!
6. Alma Mater
7. Bah Do Dah
9. Land of 1000 dances
10. Louie, Louie
11. Tequila
12. On Broadway
21. Margaritaville
24. Crazy Train
25. I Knew You Were Trouble
26. Thriller
37. Seven Nation Army
45. Eye Of The Tiger

Due to myriad schedule conflicts with students involved in many activities, we will NOT be playing the home game on Tuesday, December 3.  I have added another game on Saturday, February 1 to our schedule to give us another opportunity to perform. Please adjust your calendars. The official music department web calendar has been updated to reflect the changes.


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