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Band & General Music Blizzard Bags

If we have further calamity days, students are to do a "blizzard bag" assignment arranged in advance by their instructor.  Here is the assignment for each day missed for band and general music students:

Band Students 6-12:
For each day missed, students are to practice their instrument for at least 15 minutes.  Notate on a half sheet of paper what was practiced and any reflections on what progress was made.  If the student does not have his or her instrument at home, students are to listen to at least 15 minutes of music of their choice.  Notate what you listened to on half sheet of paper and briefly reflect on the content of the music or on what made it appealing or unappealing to you. 5th grade band students will not be responsible for a blizzard bag assignment, but home practice is recommended.

6th & 7th General Music:
For each day missed, students are to listen to at least 15 minutes of music of their choice.  Notate what was listened to on half sheet of paper and brie…

8th-11th Grade Band Students: Scheduling for Next Year...

Scheduling Info for 2014-2015 Dear 8th-11th Grade Parents and Band Students, As the time to think about next year is upon us, I just wanted to drop you a note at this time to clarify some issues with scheduling of classes for next year. If you want to take band, it CAN be done all four years.  Sometimes, you have to make those who are making the schedule a little harder, but it can be done. If you plan on staying in band, you need to have a four-year plan to make sure you can fit band and your other classes in each year.  For example, don’t put off wellness until you are a junior, because it WILL be a schedule conflict.  Don't switch from French to Spanish or vice-versa. Plan ahead, and your schedule will be very workable Which class to register for BAND is both concert AND marching band.  It is recommended that all high school students take both.  CONCERT BAND is for members who are in concert band, but not marching band.  Again, it is recommended that all students participate in both, …

Bands: Let's Listen!

Pep Band Update 1/8

So you might have noticed we've been snowed out of every single pep band game of the season so far. Here is an updated schedule with some additions. Please mark you calendars and plan on attending to cheer our boys' and girls' teams on to a victory!

Saturday, January 18 (girls) - Rehearse 5pm
Friday, January 24 (boys) - Rehearse 6pm
*Saturday, February 1 (boys) - Rehearse 6pm
Friday, February 7 (boys) - Rehearse 6pm
Friday, February 14 (boys) - Rehearse 6:30pm
* - games not on the original pep band schedule

More dates may be added depending on when cancelled games are rescheduled.

Please not the rehearsal times vary. We will meet early before our first game to brush up on our repertoire.