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Info From Tiffin University

Students from your school have expressed interest in Tiffin University, and I just wanted to touch base with you about the music opportunities we have for majors and non-majors.
We offer more than TEN ensembles that specialize in jazz, rock, pop, hip hop and other commercial musicWe also offer traditional marching band, concert band, concert and gospel choirsWe let our students' talents and interests help determine the music we choose to make in our ensembles90% of our student-musicians are non-music majors.  
We offer the only popular music performance degree in Ohio, and welcome rock and hip hop musicians (including beatmakers, DJs, emcees) as both majors and non-major musicians.   We also offer competitive lyrical and hip hop dance teams, a WGI-style competitive indoor percussion ensemble, an active tech team specializing in both audio and video production, real-world music business experience booking and managing bands, and a visual & graphic arts team.All students in all th…

FHSCB Contest March 14

FHSCB at OMEA Contest Friday, March 14, 2014 Thomas Worthington High School Performance Time: 5pm
2:10 - Dress, load Trailer/Bus
2:45 - Depart for TWHS
3:30 - Arrive TWHS
4:15 - Warm Up
5:00 - Perform
5:30 - Sight Read
5:45 - Load trailer, meet in cafeteria, eat
6:00 - Receive rating, depart.
7:00 - Arrive FHS

*Change into your concert attire during school before we depart.  Regular concert black is the code.
* If you wish, you will be able to eat  after our performance at approximately 5:45pm at the concession stand.  Bring spending money if you choose.
*Please remember all of your materials including instrument, reeds, mouthpiece, neckstrap, etc.
*If you're riding home with a family member, I need a signed parent note by 2:45pm before we leave.
*The event is free and open to the public for moms, dads, family, and friends of the FSHCB. No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted in the auditorium, and the penalty is our disqualification, so please keep them off…

FMB 2014 Info

Information for FMB veterans and rookies will be sent home with band members on this week. Parents: if the information sheets did not make their way home, you can download a copy with all the pertinent stuff by clicking these links:

FMB Veteran Information (pdf)

FMB Rookie Invitation (pdf)

Important Dates
Here are the important dates that are included inside:
March 3 - Veterans RSVP by this date
March 17 - Rookies RSVP by this date
April 3 - $50 camp deposit due
April 3 - Parent meeting 7pm
July 14 - Rookie Camp/Drumline Reh.
July 15-18 - Pre Camp 8am-noon
July 21 - Fair Parade 5pm
July 27-Aug 1 - Band Camp
Aug 4, 6, 11, 13 - Rehearsals 8-noon
Aug 21 - Meet The Teams Night
Aug 22 - Football Season Begins
Sept 6, 13, 26 - Saturday Events (King's Island, Contest, Festival)

Scholarship assistance for band camp for families with financial need is available.  Application forms will be sent home in the upcoming weeks, but is available for download now by clicking he…

FHSCB Solo Contest Details

Rehearsals with Emily - Wed. Feb. 19 - Evening
7:00-Lydia 7:30-Maria 8:00-Zach 8:30-Monica
Please be prepared for a 30 minute rehearsal up to full tempo. 

Performance - Sat.  Feb. 22 - Morning 9:00-Maria 9:10-Monica 9:20-James 9:30-Zach 9:40-Lydia 9:50-Tori Ratings will be posted at 10am. You may stay or leave after your performance. 

Mid Year Concert - March 11, 2014

Fairbanks Music Department’s Annual Mid-Year Concert 2014Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 7:00 P.M.
Order of performance: Youth Choir
6th Grade Band

Junior High Concert Band High School Choir High School Concert Band
Information for Performers:
HS Choir and Youth Choir: Follow instructions from Mrs. Cooper.
6th Grade Band:

You need to be seated with your family with your instruments and folder ready to watch the high school choir at 7PM.  Youth choir members need to get their instrument and music after your singing performance.  Immediately after the Youth Choir’s program, go promptly to your seats on the gym floor. We will warm up and then perform our program.  After we are done, we’ll file out and then you will sit in with your family.  Do NOT go back to the band room.
JH Concert Band: You need to be seated with your family with your instruments and folder ready to watch the high school choir at 7PM.  Immediately after the 6th Grade Band's program, go promptly to your performance seats on the gym flo…