FMB: Memorial Day Parade May 26

Our Memorial Day performance on May 26 is very special to the residents Unionville Center and we again happily contribute to the community celebration. All FMB members are required to participate. Music will include the Victors, National Anthem, and America the Beautiful. Dress is Summer uniform. I will transport percussion and sousaphone. All other band members will be responsible for transporting their own instrument to and from the parade. (If you forgot your instrument, you can get it at the school at 8:45am)

The day will begin at the Darby Township Building on Cross St. In Unionville and end at the Methodist Church.

8:45am - School is open
9:15 - warm up
9:40 - Parade begins
10:00 - memorial service begins
10:45 - play at Unionville cemeteries
11:00 - Band members dismissed.

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