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FMB Files

FMB 2014 Drill Preview

Check out the drill for the Les Mis show.  You'll get a printed copy at camp check in, but if you want to get a head start or just check it out for fun, click the link or the image for the .pdf file.

FMB Les Miserables 2014 (.pdf 35mb)

FMB: Tshirt Design!


BUMP: Band Camp 2014

FMB CAMP July 27 thru August 1, 2014
Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio
Check-in/Check-out Times/Procedure Camp check in is in the HAYES Hall lobby on Sunday, July 27 from 3-5 PM. See directions below to find your way there, or view the google map. If you get lost, call Mr. Keller's cell at 937-243-2031. You will need to check in to get your key and meal pass. You will need to bring your emergency medical form (see below), any money that you owe, and any money for supplies, etc. Check-out is immediately after the End-Of-Camp Show on Friday, August 2, which will be approximately 6 P.M. If your parents are not coming to this show, please arrange your ride for 6:00.
Emergency Medical Form You will need to give Mr. Keller a new emergency medical form for camp, and include and  information that Mr. Keller needs to know, including any prescription medications you are authorized to have and use. Fairbanks board policy strictly prohibits your participation at camp without this form on f…

FMB Update: July Edition 7/15

1.  Please study the calendar of events.  All rehearsals and performances are required unless excused in advance in case of wedding, funeral, military duty, or as soon as possible in case of personal illness. Babysitting, no ride, sibling commitment, or parent commitment are not excused absences. Please arrange your schedule so you can make it to all events.  Members participating in other school sponsored activities will need to get me your practice/game schedule as soon as it is available so modifications can be made.  You can always see the calendar online.

2.  I will once again be paying for summer uniform polos for rookie band members.  Work on filling out your summer uniform with a pair of all-black shorts, white socks, and white-ish tennis shoes.  Please do not buy a new pair of shoes if you have anything that is not completely black.  I am very reasonable about summer uniform shoes.

3. Practice. Practice your music. Practice your marching. WE are only at OUR best when YOU are…

FMB Stretching Routine

Our new pre-rehearsal stretching routine!16 counts left neck roll (2 rolls) 16 counts right neck roll (2 rolls) 8 down 8 up 8 down 2 swing left 2 swing right 2 bigger left 2 bigger right 8 count rollercoaster 4 left arm behind head 8 stretch  4 relax 4 right arm behind head  8 stretch 4 relax 4 left arm across body 8 stretch 4 relax  4 right arm across body  8 stretch   DO NOT REST 2 step out lunge 2 lean left 8 stretch  2 center, lunge right 2 lean right 8 stretch 32 slides start left 4 drag foot to first position 8 left thigh stretch 4 relax 8 right thigh stretch 8 power move to left marching muscle stretch 4 drag toe in 8 right marching muscle stretch 4 drag toe in DANCE PARTY

Band Scholarships

Band camp scholarships have been approved. All who applied received at least partial tuition for band camp. If you applied and need to know how much you were awarded, email me or text and I'll update you.

Music Scholarships From Wittenberg


I am a professor at Wittenberg University, as well as the Music Admission Coordinator. Soon, seniors will be applying to colleges and scheduling auditions. Perhaps you could share this with your students:

Each year Wittenberg University awards more than $350,000 in music scholarships, available to all students regardless of major. We award several dozen scholarships annually, for voice, piano, guitar, and orchestral and band instruments. 

We have just posted our music audition days for 2014-2015. We hope your students will consider auditioning for a music scholarship! Here's how:

For students considering a music major, we invite auditions for our Sara Krieg Music Scholarships, which are $20,000 talent-based awards. For this particular scholarship, the audition and application must be completed by Dec. 1, 2014.

Wittenberg is a small liberal arts college (12:1 student-faculty ratio) in south-central Ohio, with more Ohio Professors of the Yea…