Music Scholarships From Wittenberg


I am a professor at Wittenberg University, as well as the Music Admission Coordinator. Soon, seniors will be applying to colleges and scheduling auditions. Perhaps you could share this with your students:

Each year Wittenberg University awards more than $350,000 in music scholarships, available to all students regardless of major. We award several dozen scholarships annually, for voice, piano, guitar, and orchestral and band instruments. 

We have just posted our music audition days for 2014-2015. We hope your students will consider auditioning for a music scholarship! Here's how:

For students considering a music major, we invite auditions for our Sara Krieg Music Scholarships, which are $20,000 talent-based awards. For this particular scholarship, the audition and application must be completed by Dec. 1, 2014.

Wittenberg is a small liberal arts college (12:1 student-faculty ratio) in south-central Ohio, with more Ohio Professors of the Year than any other four-year college or university in the state.

Let me know if you have any questions about our music program or about Wittenberg.

Dr. Daniel Kazez
Professor of Music & Music Admission Coordinator
Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio
tel: 937-327-7354 (or 800-677-7558, ext. 7354)


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