JHCB: Auditions Begin Tomorrow 9/4

Just a reminder to JHCB members that seating auditions will begin tomorrow, September 4, during second period.  Be prepared!

JHCB Auditions 2014-2015

Audition Times - Auditions will take place on Thursday and Friday, September 4 and 5 during 2nd period.  When you are not auditioning, you are to be practicing your instrument, reading, or working on homework for another class.  Everyone will audition in my office in these two days so please be prepared.

Winds – Your audition will consist of #159 and #185 in your Rubank packet, as well as “Aria.”  Please see the attached score sheet to see how you will be evaluated.  Fundamentals such as posture and breath support are very important, as well as rhythmic and pitch accuracy.  Please come to your audition prepared to play your best.

Percussion – Your audition will consist of four rudiments selected from the following list:
Single stroke roll
Five stroke roll
Nine stroke roll
Flam Tap
Single paradiddle
Flam Paradiddle

Rudiments are to be played slow to fast to slow.  You will also have a prepared selection, which is  “Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

Seatings – Seatings will not necessarily be arranged from highest to lowest.  It is important for the group that we have strong players on all parts, so I reserve the right to make chair assignments based on group need.  Please realize that where you sit is not who you are.  Every player in this group has an important role in the success of our band!


Band members will stay in these auditioned seats until the first opportunity for challenges occur in October.  


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