Miami Band Day

Miami Band Day
Saturday, September 6, 2014

8:15am Load Bus/Trailer
8:45am Depart for Oxford
10:15    Bathroom stop
11:00    Arrive Yager Stadium
11:45    Rehearsal
1:00pm Lunch
1:45      Parking Lot Performances (Victors, Cheers, Cadences)
2:45      March to Stadium
3:20      MUMB Pregame
3:30      Game Begins
5:00*     Haltime
6:30*     Game ends (MUMB Post-Game)
7:00*     Depart Oxford
7:30*     Dinner (McDonald's in Eaton)
9:30pm* Arrive FHS
  *-times are approximate

*Dress is Summer uniform.  You will need to wear your uniform on the bus, as there will not be a place to change before rehearsal.

*Be sure to sunscreen. We will be outdoors for 7 hours today. Don't embrace the "lobster" look.

*Bring your sheet music with you. Play what you can. What you can't play...fake it. Fans in section 15 will not notice you are not playing certain passages.

*Lunch is provided at 1pm.  We will stop for dinner in Eaton on the way home. Bring some money for this meal.  If you opt to eat from the concession stand during the game, keep in mind that prices are typical of any college football game. Plan accordingly.

*We will depart Oxford after the MUMB's post-game performance.  Departure/dinner/FHS arrival times are approximate.  Follow the twitter to know exactly when FMB will be back at the school.

Today is about having fun and enjoying a college gameday atmosphere.  Show your pride, cheer, laugh, and smile. Have a great time in Oxford!


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