Sight Reading Tips

This is one wonderful read on how to be a better sight reader.  All band members should check it out. (It's not just about jazz, by the way)

Here's the short version:

Go through this mental check-list every time you see a piece of music:
  • Get into the mindset of total concentration and tune out distractions
  • Before you begin, memorize the key signature and scan the page for trouble spots
  • Look at the music in larger chunks of time (see the page like it’s in cut-time)
  • Recognize common rhythms and watch out for tricky rhythms
  • Visually identify scale fragments and arpeggios
  • Remember to keep counting through rests
  • Continually keep your eyes scanning ahead so you’re always ready for the next measure
  • Don’t be phased by your mistakes, keep the time going and get back on track
The full article can be found here:


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