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FHSCB at OMEA Contest 3/6

FHSCB at OMEA Contest Friday, March 6, 2015 Thomas Worthington High School Performance Time: 5:30pm
2:10 - Dress, load Trailer/Bus
3:15 - Depart for TWHS
4:00 - Arrive TWHS
4:45 - Warm Up
5:30 - Perform
5:50 - Sight Read
6:00 - Load trailer, meet in cafeteria, eat
6:30 - Receive rating, depart.
7:30 - Arrive FHS

*Change into your concert attire during school before we depart.  Regular concert black is the code.
* If you wish, you will be able to eat  after our performance at approximately 6:00pm at the concession stand.  Bring spending money if you choose. Snacks will be provided during 7th period to get you through.
*Please remember all of your materials including instrument, reeds, mouthpiece, neckstrap, etc.
*If you're riding home with a family member, I need a signed parent note by 3:15pm before we leave.
*The event is free and open to the public for moms, dads, family, and friends of the FSHCB. No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted in the auditorium, …

Blue Jackets Update 2/24 - TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!

1.  We are still on tonight for the CBJ game at Nationwide.

2.  Pizza will be served at 3:30 in the band room to band members

3.  We will depart at 4pm. Make sure you have your instrument and folder and are wearing your pep band t-shirt.

4.  I will have tickets for all performers.  If you ordered your tickets online, you should have received them via email.  If you order with an order form, your tickets will be at will call under the name you put on the order form.  If you are the family who did not put a name on your order form and your tickets are not at the will call window, contact me via phone and I will instruct you how to get your tickets.

5. We unload and go through security as soon as we arrive, then set up for our performance. We will start playing as soon as the gates open at 6pm to the general public. Parents: To hear as much of our show as possible, be ready to get in the gate at 6pm.

6.  After our 30 minute set, we will pack instruments against the wall and you are fre…

Booster Update from Chris R.

Good Afternoon everyone:
There are couple things I need to let you know about.
1) The most pressing would be the Columbus Blue Jackets game.  As most of you know, our band is going to perform at the Columbus BJ game on February 24, 2015.  We need to feed the students prior to them loading the bus and a small snack once they are done.  I have created a signup genius sheet, the link is below.  As far as I can see, you need to enter my email address ( and it will take you right to the page.   Please feel free to contact another parent to help with a slot, we don't expect you to take one any one slot all on your own.  Contact me with any questions you may have. To view your sign up page, go to: 2)  At the general meeting on Thursday, we passed out nomination forms for officers for the boosters for the 2015-16 school year.  The officers will be voted in at our next regular meeting onMarch 10, 2015.  I have attached the …

Blue Jackets Updates 2/13

1.  The schedule has been altered slightly. We will eat at 3:30 and depart at 4pm. We need to be at Nationwide at 5 to unload, go through security, and set up for our 6pm performance.

2.  If you ordered tickets via, you should have had your tickets emailed to you.  If you ordered performer tickets via the web, those will be delivered to me so I can get the kids in at 5pm.

3.  If you ordered via paper form and check, your tickets will be at "will call" under the name on the order form. (Also, there is one form that was submitted that did not have a name on it for two performer tickets and two other tickets. I did not catch this before I sent them in to CBJ. If you feel this might be you, please contact me)

4.  It has been brought to my attention that at least one family was double-charged on their credit card for their tickets. Please check your statement if you ordered via credit and if you find any problems, please let me know and I'll put you…

Mid-Year Concert - March 3, 7pm

Fairbanks Music Department’s Annual Mid-Year Concert 2015Tuesday March 3, 2015, 7:00 P.M.
Order of performance: Youth Choir
Junior High Concert Band High School Choir High School Concert Band
Information for Performers:
JH Concert Band: You need to be seated with your family with your instruments and folder ready to watch the youth choir at 7PM.  Immediately after the youth choir's program, go promptly to your performance seats on the gym floor. We will warm up and then play a chorale and then perform our program.  After we are done, we’ll file out and then you will sit in with your family.  If you share instruments with a HS band member, they will be waiting for you in the corner to take your instrument.  Do NOT go back to the band room.
HS concert band: Be seated with your family with your instrument/music when the concert begins at 7:00.  After the HS Choir, take your seat on the gym floor and we will warm there.  If you are sharing with a JH bando, they will hand you your instrument in t…

Timpanists: Vic Firth Lesson Series

After using these Vic Firth videos with my 6th grade percussionists, I thought I would share them as ALL percussionists can benefit from these simple, yet sometimes overlooked, techniques.

Part 1 - Characteristics and Maintenance
Part 2 - Setup
Part 3 - Grip and Basic Stroke
Part 4 - Sticking Considerations
Part 5 - Rolls
Part 6 - Muffling
Part 7 - Tuning
Part 8 - Advanced Tuning
Part 9 - Articulation and Roll Speed
Part 10 - Mallet Selection

Also, I talked about this video in class. It is an insight into the considerations a professional timpanist must go through to perform great works of the repertoire.  The presenter is Nigel Thomas, principal timpanist of the London Symphony Orchestra.

LSO Timpani Master Class

"In Tune" App from Wittenberg is Free!

From Wittenberg University:

In case you'd like to know, our iPhone music app "InTune" is now temporarily free! It will be free for the next few days.
InTune is an educational music game for iPhone and iPod touch. With InTune, you can check and improve your hearing and intonation, and compete with your friends via Game Center.
You can download InTune here: I hope you will share this with your students. InTune has been a top-10 app in 15 countries and has received some great reviews, for example:
Voice Council Magazine:  "A brilliantly simple game of precision hearing... This ingenious game puts your skill of pitch discernment to the test. Musical perfectionists and sound geeks beware: this game could become an obsession... It will absolutely help you develop a more discerning ear." Horn World:  "Very easy to use...a fun and useful addition to your practice toolbox." Total Choir Resources:  "Lots of fun to be had challenging your f…

Pep Band: Set List for Nationwide 2/24

Here is the set list for our gig with the Blue Jackets at Nationwide Arena on February 24.  All the details about the trip are HERE.  There are listening links on most songs so you can tune up your performance before the big night!
The Victors Margaritaville Louie, Louie Tequila Thriller I Knew You Were Trouble Eye of the Tiger On Broadway Firework Push It Pompeii Seven Nation Army Roar Let's Go Red/Eat Em Up Bah Do Dah William Tell Hey! Alma Mater

Scheduling for 2015-2016

Scheduling Info for 2015-2016 Dear 8th-11th Grade Parents and Band Students, As the time to think about next year is upon us, I just wanted to drop you a note at this time to clarify some issues with scheduling of classes for next year. If you want to take band, it CAN be done all four years.  Sometimes, you have to make those who are making the schedule a little harder, but it can be done. If you plan on staying in band, you need to have a four-year plan to make sure you can fit band and your other classes in each year.  For example, don’t put off wellness until you are a junior, because it WILL be a schedule conflict.  Don't switch from French to Spanish or vice-versa. Plan ahead, and your schedule will be very workable Which class to register for BAND is both concert AND marching band.  It is recommended that all high school students take both.  CONCERT BAND is for members who are in concert band, but not marching band.  Again, it is recommended that all students participate in both, …