Blue Jackets Update 2/24 - TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!

1.  We are still on tonight for the CBJ game at Nationwide.

2.  Pizza will be served at 3:30 in the band room to band members

3.  We will depart at 4pm. Make sure you have your instrument and folder and are wearing your pep band t-shirt.

4.  I will have tickets for all performers.  If you ordered your tickets online, you should have received them via email.  If you order with an order form, your tickets will be at will call under the name you put on the order form.  If you are the family who did not put a name on your order form and your tickets are not at the will call window, contact me via phone and I will instruct you how to get your tickets.

5. We unload and go through security as soon as we arrive, then set up for our performance. We will start playing as soon as the gates open at 6pm to the general public. Parents: To hear as much of our show as possible, be ready to get in the gate at 6pm.

6.  After our 30 minute set, we will pack instruments against the wall and you are free to enjoy the game.  After the game, band members are responsible for either taking their instrument home with them, or loading it on the trailer.

7.  If you are not riding the bus home, please notify me before 4:00pm so I can mark the attendance sheet. I don't want anyone left behind. That would suck.

8.  I sincerely hope this is a great time and a wonderful performance experience for you. Thanks to everyone in the community who decided to tag along with us. We raised nearly $600 for the Fairbanks Music Boosters!


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