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FMB Update 3/23

*We have 40 confirmed members for this year's FMB. This is the largest group we have had in quite a few years. Bigger does not mean better, but it does present us some wonderful opportunities this season.

*The calendar of events is up-to-date. No dates will be added, but some might be subtracted. We tentatively have four Saturday events scheduled this year, including three contests at Hilliard Bradley, OSU, and Dublin Jerome. We are also tentatively scheduled to perform at the North Union band festival as well.  These, and all events, are required. There is no bench in band, therefore it is essential that all band members be at all events unless excused via the attendance policy. The calendar is always available online from any digital device.

*Pre-camp is the week of July 20 and rehearsals will be 8am-noon. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled in the afternoons this week for percussion or for visual work.  These dates and times will be published as soon as they are set.

*Band …

Mid Year Concert Video

FMB 8th Grade Invitations

A few words about 8th grade marching band invitations:

I wanted to post some commentary about the invitations that I'm about to hand out to some 7th grade band members (who will be 8th graders next year) for both parents and students to consider:

*A small rural school like ours relies on talented 8th grade band members filling out our membership in the FMB.  This has been a practice of mine since my first year of teaching. 8th grade members can be tremendous contributors to our group.  Many small schools like ours do this and it is not out of the ordinary.

*Not all 8th graders are invited with good reason. Marching band takes musical talent, physical coordination, and social maturity that many 13 year olds have not developed yet.  I will not set a student up to fail, so if they are not invited, it is simply because they need to "stay in the oven" another year.  All band members are invited to participate as 9th graders, but being selected as an 8th grader is an honor an…

Mid-Year - Proof The Program

Check to see that your name is present and spelled correctly. Also notify me of any other errors you see. Thanks! (click to enlarge)