FMB Parents: Did You Miss The Meeting?

If a member of your family did not attend the parent meeting on April 7, you MUST read all of this the bottom.


*It's going to be an exciting year for the FMB!  We will compete three times this year, as well as perform at the North Union band festival and Circleville Pumpkin Show. It is a more rigorous schedule, but it was driven by student demand. The kids wanted to compete more and I responded. All of our contest are close to home…Hilliard, Dublin, and OSU. 

*Attendance at every rehearsal and performance is required.  Students taking band for credit will be held accountable in the handbook grading policy and it will be strictly enforced.  Except in the case of personal illness, all excuses must be submitted in advance (48 hours for rehearsals and 14 days for performances) and must fit the handbook criteria for an excused absence.  Not having a ride, having to babysit, family vacations and the like are not excused absences.  Tolles students who are unexcused will be benched or, in worst case, expelled.  We are not at our best unless every member is present.  You can always find details on the attendance policy and the band handbook online. 

*The calendar of events is set and is always available online.  Please mark your family calendars now and schedule family events and appointments around these responsibilities.  There will be no additions to the calendar. Times may vary, but dates DO NOT. The calendar is interactive, so click on events for more information.

*I will send very little printed materials home with students.  Both you and they need to check the blog and twitter pages regularly.  It is recommended that you sign up for twitter and even turn on mobile updates during the marching season so you get all the information.  If you have no web access whatsoever, students are to use school computers to get the required information.  All of my content is formatted for mobile devices, so you can check the twitter and the blog on your smart phone browser, or install the Twitter app for iPhone or Android.  If you have no internet access whatsoever, please let me know and I will gladly print out important material for you.

*Band camp costs $260 which covers room and board, social activities, camp staff, instruction, and camp t-shirt.  It is a very reasonable cost compared to many camps and the food and lodging is top-notch, as is your camp staff.  You need to make a $50 deposit immediately.  By May 28, you must have a total of $100 in your account.  The remaining balance is due at band camp check in on August 2.  All fees must be paid by this time.  You can make a payment at any time.

*Band Camp is at Urbana University this year August 2-7.  Due to the late Union County Fair, we were forced to switch camp sites this year.  Band camp details will be forthcoming in print and on the web page. Urbana’s facilities are well-suited to our group and is close in proximity to the Fairbanks district.

*New band polo shirts will be provided for all first year band members. Please give Mr. Keller your size ASAP.  These shirts will be dri-fit and gender specific.  You will need to order Drillmaster shoes this summer for use with full uniform starting in September if you do not already own a pair.  More information will be made available on this soon. 

*All payments to the boosters must be made in the form of a check or money order payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters."  No cash will be accepted.  Secure payments can be made in the booster mailbox in the band room.  Be sure to write your child's name and purpose for the payment either on the check or envelope.  This mailbox is checked daily and emptied.

*You may earn money to defray costs for band camp in two ways:
A hot/cold tumbler sale will be held the next two weeks.  Details are included in this packet.  You will be able to earn $6 per item towards your camp fees.

*The Music Boosters have some scholarship money available for students who apply, with those in financial need given preference.  Scholarship forms are available on the info rack in the band room.  These must be turned in by May 30 in the booster mailbox.  Evaluations are anonymous, so please do not put any names on the second and third sheets of the application.

*Please sign up your Kroger Plus card to give profits to the music boosters. We earn 5% of what you spend at no cost to you.  Visit the Kroger Plus site and designate the Fairbanks Music Boosters as getting your fundraising dollars.

*You will be asked to help out during the marching season.  Please consider working our football concession stand, chaperoning band camp or a road trip, donating food or water, or helping with the pit crew to keep the band running smoothly.  If everyone does a little, no on has to do a lot.

*Please contact me in person or at or 937.243.2031 if you have questions about any of these details. I want to make sure everyone is connected and in-the-know about this upcoming season.


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