FMB Camp 2015

August 2-7, 2015
Urbana University, Urbana, Ohio

Check-in/Check-out Times/Procedure
Camp check in is in the McConnel Hall lobby on Sunday, August 2 from 3-5 PM. See directions below to find your way there, or view the google map. If you get lost, call Mr. Keller's cell at 937-243-2031. You will need to check in to get your key and meal pass. You will need to bring your emergency medical form (see below), any money that you owe, and any money for supplies, etc. Please also remember to bring one case of bottled water to check in.

Check-out is immediately after the End-Of-Camp Show on Friday, August 7, which will be approximately 6 P.M. If your parents are not coming to this show, please arrange your ride for 6:00.

Emergency Medical Form
You will need to give Mr. Keller a new emergency medical form for camp, and include and  information that Mr. Keller needs to know, including any prescription medications you are authorized to have and use. Fairbanks board policy strictly prohibits your participation at camp without this form on file. One will given to you at pre-camp, or you can just download one HERE, print it out, and bring it with you to camp check in or pre-camp rehearsals.

Your remaining camp balance
Camp costs $260 this year. All camp money must be paid no later than band camp check-in. Please make checks or money orders payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters". No cash can be accepted. The camp fee includes lodging, food, supervision, instruction, social activities, and FMB tshirt.

Camp Staff
Our camp staff is full of talented music teachers and music students this year! Mrs. Theresa Cooper will be returning to serve as assistant director and brass instructor. Working with woodwinds will be Hannah Greer, and MHS grad and BGSU music student, and Melissa Fink, who is an FHS grad and a certified music teacher. Finally, Payton Iannarino, another FHS grad and Miami student, will work with low brass. Mr. Keller will be the drumline instructor this year.

End of Camp Show
We will present an end of camp show for parents, family, and friends at 5 P.M. on Friday, August 7 at our practice field. Dress is summer uniform (remember to bring this to camp). Check out will commence immediately after the show. Everyone is invited to the show, so invite everyone you know!

What to Bring:

Cool Clothing (shorts & T-shirts)
Summer uniform (shorts, shirt, shoes)
Plenty of socks
Two pairs of shoes
A hat
Alarm Clock
Spending Money
Water Bottle
Music Player/Headphones
Phone Card/Cell Phone

Room List
Beginning on July 21, members may sign up for roommates for band camp, if you have not already. There are two persons two a room this year. If you have no roommate preference, do not sign up for a room and you will be placed with another member of the same gender. On Friday, July 24, the room list will freeze and there will be no changes. 

Take US 36 west to Urbana. Turn left at the traffic circle at US 68 to travel south.  Turn right on Reynolds Street, which turns into College Way. At the fork, turn left, continuing onto Blue Knight Drive. McConnell Hall is on your right. Look for the FMB trailer.


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