FMB: July 2015 Update

1.  Please study the calendar of events.  All rehearsals and performances are required unless excused in advance in case of wedding, funeral, military duty, or as soon as possible in case of personal illness. Babysitting, no ride, sibling commitment, or parent commitment are not excused absences. Please arrange your schedule so you can make it to all events.  Members participating in other school sponsored activities will need to get me your practice/game schedule as soon as it is available so modifications can be made.  You can always see the calendar online.

2.  I will once again be paying for summer uniform polos for rookie band members.  Work on filling out your summer uniform with a pair of all-black shorts, white socks, and white-ish tennis shoes.  Please do not buy a new pair of shoes if you have anything that is not completely black.  I am very reasonable about summer uniform shoes.

3. Practice. Practice your music. Practice your marching. WE are only at OUR best when YOU are at YOUR best!

4.  Don't worry about ordering drillmaster shoes until after pre-camp.  I will have more information available then.  They are approximately $30.

5.  The balance of your $260 band camp fee must be paid no later than band camp check in on August 1.  No exceptions.  Payments may be made at any time after July 20 in the booster mailbox.  Make all checks and money orders payable to Fairbanks Music Boosters.  The $260 fee includes six days and five nights of camp, 3 daily all-you-can-eat meals, supervision, instruction, social events, and FMB tshirt.  It's quite a bargain, actually.

6. We will not be participating in the Union County Fair parade again this year. Just FYI.

7.  Pre-camp begins for all members on Tuesday, July 20, 8-noon, and runs through Friday, July 18.  Come prepared with your music, instrument, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, athletic shoes and socks.

8.  Band camp begins on August 1 at Urbana University.  Details on the week can be found on the band camp post.

9. The band camp room list will be open for sign ups on July 21 and will close at 12 noon on July 24.  If you do not sign up for a room, you will be assigned to one. Rooms are two persons this year.

10.  All band members must bring a 24 (or larger) pack of bottled water to camp.  This will aid in hydrating the entire band not only for camp, but for most of the season.  Both Kroger and Walmart have great deals, with a 12-pack for less than $4.

11.  I must have an emergency medical form on file for all band members.  Please turn in the attached form to the mailbox as soon as possible and at band camp check-in at the latest.  I need to know about any pertinent medical issues and medications in case of an emergency. I need to be informed to take good care of everyone while we're away at camp.  If you have specific issues which require more elaboration, please feel free to contact me privately via email or speak with me in person. You can get a head start and download one here to print and fill out.

12. Finally....DCI Dublin is on Monday, July 27, at Dublin Coffman HS.  If you pre-ordered tickets, I will have them at the gate for you at 6:30pm.  If you are riding the bus to the event, we will leave at 5:45 from FHS. Parents and family are welcome to ride the bus as well. You are always welcome to provide your own transportation.  If you still want to order tickets, you will not be seated with our group or receive the discount, but plenty of tickets are still available.  Click Here to go to the Emerald City Music Games site.


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