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6th Band Schedule Update

Here's the new adjusted schedule for 6th grade band:

11:15-11:30 Band students eat lunch in the cafeteria

11:30-12:00 Band class

*Students still need eat somewhat quickly and be in their seats and ready to rehearse at 11:30am.
*Classes are still on a three day rotation A (brass), B (woodwinds), C (percussion).
*Students will not have band class on 2-hour delay days.

6th Band Lunch/Class Routine

As there seems to be quite a bit of confusion even after several attempts on my part to clarify to students and staff members, here is what 6th grade band members MUST do on their band day:

1. Be lined up at the classroom door when the bell rings for lunch at 11:11am.
2. Get your lunch QUICKLY. Band members are allowed to the front of the line on their band day.
3. Eat your lunch in the CAFETERIA.
4. Finish you lunch quickly and get to the band room by 11:25 so we can maximize our 20 minutes of class time.

FMB: Meet the Teams Wednesday 8/19

The FMB will perform at "meet the teams" night at Kyre field on Wednesday, August 19. Dress is Summer uniform. We will warm up at 6:30pm at Harmony field and perform at 6:50 at the stadium. We will play Victors, the SSB and march/play part 1 of the show. Attendance is required for members. Dress is Summer uniform. Everything will be done by 7:45pm. Parents: Come out and meet all the FHS band members and all the fall sports teams!

*pizza will be served to members between rehearsal and MTT. Veteran members are also fit for uniforms.

Welcome Back, Musicians!

I would like to officially welcome back to school all of my band and general music students for the 2015-2016 school year!  I sincerely hope you had a nice vacation and did things that made you happy, and that you are recharged and ready for another session of learning about life and music.

The Fairbanks Marching Band has been hard at work since July 20 preparing their 2015 competition show.  This year's production is based on the opera "Carmen" by Georges Bizet, one of the best and most famous operas of all time.  They will be ready for the home opener football game on Friday, August 28. They will be attending competitions at Westerville Central on September 26, OSU on October 6, and Dublin Jerome on October 10. They will also perform at the North Union Band Festival on September 26 and at the Circleville Pumpkin Show on October 22.

Mrs. Cooper and I are happy to announce we've added a Fall concert to the music department's schedule. It will be an outdoor conce…

FMB Uniform Fittings & Pictures

Uniform fittings will be taking place over the next two weeks.  Here's how it's going to go down...

Wednesday, August 19 - 5:30-6:30pm
Veteran FMB member will try on last year's uniform between rehearsal and Meet The Teams. No changes will be made at this time, but if you need different sizes you will need to come come back on...

Monday, August 24 -  - 5:30-6:30pm
We will fit both rookies and veterans who need a different size than last year after rehearsal on this date.  You do not need to stay the whole hour. Once you've been fitted, you may leave.

Make sure your drillmasters are ordered and that you have all-black long socks by Sept. 1.

FMB Camp: revised room assignments


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