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If you are driving to OSU on Saturday...

I just got this from OSU...traffic concerns if you are coming from the South or East on Saturday:

I’m writing to make you aware of a potential traffic concern for those coming from and the south and east.  As you can see below, SR 315 will be closed from 70 to 670 in both directions. If you are approaching from the SOUTH, you will need to take 71N all the way through the merge and split with 70E and then take 670W to make your way back to 315N. Coming from the EAST, you will need to take 70W to 71N to 670W to 315N. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will do our best to assist.Thanks so much!Phil Day
S.R. 315 Weekend Detour for Floodwall TestingS.R. 315 between I-670 and I-70 will be closed on Saturday, October 3, from 7 a.m. to approximately 7 p.m., for closure of the Franklinton Floodwall gate that will serve as a training exercise for Floodwall crews. Additionally, crews will restripe the freeway while the road is closed for the exercise, weather permitting.The follo…

BUMP: FMB: Buckeye Invitational Oct. 3

General Information FMB @ OSU Contest Saturday, October 3, 2015
7:15am School is open
7:45 Depart for OSU
8:30 Arrive OSU
9:30 Warm Up
10:30 Starting Line
10:45 Perform
11:00 View video in OSU band room
11:30 Load uniforms/instruments
11:45 Eat at bus/Trailer
12:15 Watch other bands
7:30 OSU Band performs
8pm - Awards
8:15 - Depart OSU
9:00 - Arrive FHS

*This will be a long day so come prepared with snacks, food, and cold/wet weather clothes.  39 bands will be performing between 10am and 6:30pm.  Awards are at 7:00 immediately after the OSU band performance. You will have hours on your own at the stadium so please be on your best behavior.

*If you're not riding the bus home, please get a note to me before we depart at 7:45am.  If would like to leave the contest site with YOUR parent to eat lunch or an afternoon snack, that is permitted, but you must submit a note to Mr. Keller no later than 7:45am.  You may not leave the stadium site with anyone but YOUR OWN PARENT.

*The music boo…

5th Band Starts Next Week!

Monday - Flutes Tuesday - Clarinets and Saxes Wednesday - Trumpets Thursday - Trombone Friday - Percussion
Bring your instrument and book. If you do not have a book yet, bring $10 and one will be provided for you. Percussionists should bring their entire kit...but only to this first class.
Let's get this band thing going!

Prizes Galore!

Be sure to put your prize code on your order form!
Gummy Bears (GB) Gummy Army Men (AM5) Sour Gummy Worms (SW) Speaker Bar (SB) Headphones (RH) Selfie Stick (SS) Gift Cards (No code necessary...automatic prize for 40 or more) Hanging BT Speaker (BH)

OSU Field Trip for JHCB and HSCC Dec. 4

Field Trip OSU Musical Celebration Friday, December 4
All band students in grades 6-8 and choir members in grades 9-12 will be taking a field trip on December 4 to see the OSU Musical Celebration Youth Concert! Click the image below to see the details and even print this permission slip.  The slip and $5 (check to "Fairbanks Band" or "Fairbanks Choir" preferred, cash acceptable in a sealed envelope) must be returned to Mr. Keller or Mrs. Cooper by November 6.  5 to 7 parent chaperones are needed and attend free of charge. These chaperone spots are on a first come, first serve basis. Get your slip and money in ASAP!

Fall Fundraiser Starts Today!

Fairbanks Music Department's Annual Fall Fundraiser Sale begins:  Friday, September 25
Sheets and money are due:  Monday, October 5
Delivery: Oct. 26-29
The Fairbanks Music Department is the largest department in the school, serving over 220 students in eight grades.  It takes money to support our musical efforts, and student-raised money is a substantial part of that.  Our goal this year is to raise $6000 from  this sale.  This is the ONLY fundraiser for the music department as a whole this entire school year. This money is used for items like music, supplies, repairs, transportation, instruments, rewards, uniforms/apparel, and many other day-to-day expenses.  It is asked that all members of the music department help in this important fundraising event.
Students are asked to sell at least 10 items from the sales brochure, and are rewarded with prizes and cash on many different levels, including a day off pizza and movie party for sections of each group who sell the most per person!  

Band Parent Helpers For This Weekend

Here are some requested details for prop/pit helpers this weekend:
Football game
Please help bring props and pit to the stadium between 6 and 6:30pm
Before halftime, help move pit into position. Screen carriers take your prop to the back sideline.
At halftime, instructions for placements of props will be given. Screens will be placed on 50, 40's, and 30's.  50 yard line is 8 steps down from the back hash mark. 40's will be 12 steps down.  30's will be four steps behind the front hash marks.
After the show, exit forward with the band.
Pit needs moved back to the stands.
Meet at the trailer in the parking lot at 1:30 at the latest.  
Carry your board to the football field with the pit team.  (Mrs. Cooper is in charge)
Bring board onto field from the back sideline to its appropriate position (see above) when I give the signal.
After show, pit moves off the front to the exit. Props also exit front...
Follow band back to trailer/bus following performance.

Super Saturday Part 2 - NU Festival

North Union Festival of Bands
Saturday, September 26, 2015

4pm - Depart from WCHS
5pm - Arrive NUHS
5:40 - Parade of Bands
6:00 - Performances begin
7:00* - Intermission
9:00* - Awards Retreat
9:30pm* - Load/Depart
10:00* - Arrive FHS

*-times are approximate

FYI for members and parents:

North Union High School FESTIVAL OF BANDS
The final plans for the NORTH UNION FESTIVAL OF BANDS are complete.The festival will take place in the athletic complex at North Union High School on Saturday, September 27, 2014, beginning at 6pm.Below are some last minute details that should help the evening to progress smoothly.
ARRIVAL Please plan on arriving at such a time that you will be warmed up, dressed and ready to line up for the entry.We plan to parade into the stadium at 5:40 pm.The suggested arrival time is 5:00.Upon arrival, your band will have a chaperone assigned to guide you throughout the evening.This chaperone will meet you at your bus.
DIRECTIONS The address of the high school and driving direction…