Band Parent Helpers For This Weekend

Here are some requested details for prop/pit helpers this weekend:

Football game

Please help bring props and pit to the stadium between 6 and 6:30pm

Before halftime, help move pit into position. Screen carriers take your prop to the back sideline.

At halftime, instructions for placements of props will be given. Screens will be placed on 50, 40's, and 30's.  50 yard line is 8 steps down from the back hash mark. 40's will be 12 steps down.  30's will be four steps behind the front hash marks.

After the show, exit forward with the band.

Pit needs moved back to the stands.


Meet at the trailer in the parking lot at 1:30 at the latest.  

Carry your board to the football field with the pit team.  (Mrs. Cooper is in charge)

Bring board onto field from the back sideline to its appropriate position (see above) when I give the signal.

After show, pit moves off the front to the exit. Props also exit front...

Follow band back to trailer/bus following performance.  


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