FMB: Dublin Jerome Contest 10/10 (updated)

Last contest of the year, just down the road at Dublin Jerome HS.

2:15 School open
2:30 Rehearse
3:30 load
4:00 Depart
4:20 Arrive DJHS
5:00 Warm Up
6:00 Perform
6:30 Watch other bands
10pm Awards
10:30 Arrive to FHS

*A snack will be provided after your performance, but no meal will be served. Please bring some money for the concession stand for dinner.

*If you are not riding the bus home, please submit a note no later than 4pm.

*If we have not qualified for state and have a chance to do so, we may rehearse before we depart. Stay tuned. If we have qualified, we will not rehearse before contest this day.

Slate of bands:


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