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Pep Band 2015-16 Information

The 2015-2016 Fairbanks Basketball Pep Band After-School Rehearsals: Monday, November 30, 3:00 – 5:15 Wednesday, December 2, 3:00 - 5:15 Attendance is REQUIRED for all band members.
Performances Date - Rehearsal Begins Thursday, December 3 - 5:45pm
Saturday, December 12 - 6pm
Tuesday, December 29 - 6pm (Alumni Band)
Saturday, January 9 - 6pm
Tuesday, January 12 - 6pm
Friday, January 22 - 6pm
Friday, January 29 - 6pm
Tuesday, February 2 - 6pm
Friday, February 12 - 6pm (senior night)
Thursday, February 25 (Nationwide Arena) Details TBA

All band members in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate in Basketball Pep Band.  Attendance is expected at all rehearsals and performances.There are only two after-school rehearsals.  Other rehearsals are right before our performances.  We will play the 4th quarter of the JV game, in-between games, and during the varsity game.  Band members have the third quarter of the varsity game off.  Games end approximately 9pm, except weeknight games where we stop playi…

Your Unwanted Candy Benefits Music and Military!

The candy is collected and weighed and $1 per pound will go towards the music department

A caldron will be kept in the BAND ROOM for students to bring in any unopened candy from their trick-or-treating.   Collection dates are Nov.2-5.   All collected treats (and toothbrushes) will be sent overseas to the soldiers serving.

6th Band: Concert Listening

6th grade band members can listen to their concert music and play along!
Jingle Bells
Up On The Housetop

FMB: Milford Center Holiday Parade Nov. 29

The Milford Center holiday parade is Sunday, Nov. 29.  It is our only performance in Milford Center and our participation is always appreciated by the fire department (who sponsors it) and all the residents as well.

This is a required performance for all FMB members, as per the student handbook. If you have a request for an excused absence, you must submit it to Mr. Keller in writing at least 14 days prior to the event.

Here are the details for FMB members:

11:45-12:15pm - The school is open to get your raincoat, instrument, shoes, helmet, gloves, or whatever you need.
12:15pm - School will be locked.
12:30pm - Warm up/Rehearse at Milford Center Ball Fields, near the playground
1:00 pm - Parade Begins.
1:30 pm - Parade Ends

*Uniform for the day is: Drillmasters, blue jeans, FMB raincoat, white gloves, helmet, plume. Please feel free to layer under your jeans and under your raincoat if the weather is cold.

*Either take your raincoat/hat/gloves/instrument home on Tuesday, or come to the …

FHSCB: Listening for Holiday Concert

Fall Fundraiser Pick Up Oct. 30

All ordered items and prizes from the Fall fundraiser will be available for pick up on Friday, October 30 in the band room. Band members will pick up their items during the regular class time. Large orders may picked up by parents by appointment if they cannot be picked up at the prescribed time. All items must go home before 3:30pm on Friday 10/30. Items are non-perishable so refrigeration or immediate delivery to customers is not required.
Pick Up Times: HS Choir - 8am-8:50 JHCB: 8:55-9:44 6th Band: 11:30-12:00noon. 5th Band: 12:30-1:10 HS Band: 2:10-3:00

FMB: FES/Circleville Thurs 10/22

The Fairbanks Marching Band gives its annual performances at Fairbanks Elementary School and the Circleville Pumpkin Show on Thursday, October 22. Band Members will need to be in full uniform for both events so please bring black socks and Drillmasters.
Immediately after attendance in home room, band members need to report to the band room to prepare for the concert at the elementary which will begin at 9:30am. We will perform music from pre-game, contest, and senior shows as well as some cheers.
We will depart for Circleville around 10:30am and will return to FHS at 7pm. Band members will have some free time at the show and will need spending money for lunch and dinner. There are also games and rides, so bring an amount of money for your particular spending habits. We will be performing at the 3:30 afternoon parade.
Tolles students are excused from classes on that day, as are all members. Band members are responsible for any make up work, in advance if possible. Please arrange with …

Fall Concert Program


Chaperones for OSU Field Trip 12/4/15

The following parents were the first to turn in their request to chaperone the middle school band field trip to OSU on Dec. 4.  If for some reason you cannot attend, please let me know as soon as possible so I can notify those on the waiting list of their acceptance.
Susan Krouse Jim Palmer Susan Griffey Dan Johnson John Boerger Dawn Dawson Jessica Rosebrook

FMB: Dublin Jerome Contest 10/10 (updated)

Last contest of the year, just down the road at Dublin Jerome HS.

2:15 School open
2:30 Rehearse
3:30 load
4:00 Depart
4:20 Arrive DJHS
5:00 Warm Up
6:00 Perform
6:30 Watch other bands
10pm Awards
10:30 Arrive to FHS

*A snack will be provided after your performance, but no meal will be served. Please bring some money for the concession stand for dinner.

*If you are not riding the bus home, please submit a note no later than 4pm.

*If we have not qualified for state and have a chance to do so, we may rehearse before we depart. Stay tuned. If we have qualified, we will not rehearse before contest this day.

Slate of bands:

Oct. 13 Fall Concert - Details

Fall Concert Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Partners Park, Marysville, OH

The first-ever Fall Concert is coming up on Tuesday, October 13. The concert will be held at Partner's Pavillon in Marysville.
Order of performance: Fairbanks Youth Choir JH Concert Band Marching Band HS Concert Choir
*Choir members need to warm up before the concert at 6:00.
*Band members need only to be seated in the audience at 6:30 until their performance time and will warm up briefly on stage.
*Choir attire: Youth choir wears jeans and youth choir shirt. HS choir wears tie-dye and jeans.
*JHCB attire: Blue jeans on bottom, red shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, or jacket on top. Any shoes will do.
*JH band members who are also in FMB should wear band polo, band pants, and drillmasters during the JHCB performance, then put on their coat, etc. before the FMB performance.
*Parents: Bring lawn chair for seating. There are a few picnic tables, but not nearly enough seating for the hundreds of people that will be at this c…

Update from President Mike C...

Hi All,
Band camp is a distant memory and marching band season is now in full swing.  The band is doing great and we've had a flurry of activity in providing support.  
For the football concession stand (fundraising), we have 3 games under our belt and 2 remaining.  Thanks to Mark and Gloria Whatley for keeping this running and to Eubanks Electric making it much more economical in finally getting electric service to the building.  Another thank you to those that have worked in the stand, have donated items...and to Chad Greve for thinking ahead and bringing a canopy to the rain-filled Triad game.  He also made an emergency hot chocolate run to Marysville for which several at the game rejoiced upon his arrival from the store.
Contests/Away games.  We just made it through probably one of the more intense weekends I've seen from a booster support perspective.  Thanks to Jeff and Susan Krouse for towing the trailer.  We also had several folks donate food items and provide sup…