Oct. 13 Fall Concert - Details

Fall Concert
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Partners Park, Marysville, OH

The first-ever Fall Concert is coming up on Tuesday, October 13. The concert will be held at Partner's Pavillon in Marysville.

Order of performance:
Fairbanks Youth Choir
JH Concert Band
Marching Band
HS Concert Choir

*Choir members need to warm up before the concert at 6:00.

*Band members need only to be seated in the audience at 6:30 until their performance time and will warm up briefly on stage.

*Choir attire: Youth choir wears jeans and youth choir shirt. HS choir wears tie-dye and jeans.

*JHCB attire: Blue jeans on bottom, red shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, or jacket on top. Any shoes will do.

*JH band members who are also in FMB should wear band polo, band pants, and drillmasters during the JHCB performance, then put on their coat, etc. before the FMB performance.

*Parents: Bring lawn chair for seating. There are a few picnic tables, but not nearly enough seating for the hundreds of people that will be at this concert.

*Free parking is available at nearby city lots and on the street.

*The concert will last 60 minutes or less.

*Attendance is required for all band and choir members in these groups.


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