Update from President Mike C...

Hi All,

Band camp is a distant memory and marching band season is now in full swing.  The band is doing great and we've had a flurry of activity in providing support.  

For the football concession stand (fundraising), we have 3 games under our belt and 2 remaining.  Thanks to Mark and Gloria Whatley for keeping this running and to Eubanks Electric making it much more economical in finally getting electric service to the building.  Another thank you to those that have worked in the stand, have donated items...and to Chad Greve for thinking ahead and bringing a canopy to the rain-filled Triad game.  He also made an emergency hot chocolate run to Marysville for us...to which several at the game rejoiced upon his arrival from the store.

Contests/Away games.  We just made it through probably one of the more intense weekends I've seen from a booster support perspective.  Thanks to Jeff and Susan Krouse for towing the trailer.  We also had several folks donate food items and provide support in getting all the band's gear loaded/unloaded and out to/on the field for the performances.  A special thanks to Jim Palmer for staying up late last Friday night to improve the scenery board transport logistics for the Westerville Central and North Union contests.  The OSU contest this upcoming weekend is another important event and we are again fortunate our SignUpGenius lists are in very good shape.  Thanks to Cindy White for administering/prepping all these lists and the logistics around them.

Generally-speaking, there are numerous other folks/families to mention and I apologize for not getting to everyone.  Your support in terms of labor and donations continue to make things a lot easier to support the band.  Whenever we've asked for help, you've answered.  In other cases, you've answered when we didn't ask. It goes without saying we have a wonderful parent support base.

As we move forward, please know/remember that a lot of us are still learning the ropes and we're trying to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible.  That being said, don't assume we've thought of everything when it comes to logistics around feeding the band, scenery help, etc.  In other words, don't be afraid to ask questions or share feedback.  

Thanks again for all your support.  Our next booster meeting will be Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 7pm at the FHS band room.  This is one week later than the typical 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Good luck to the band this weekend! 



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